American Girl Store and Ba Ba’s 60th Birthday

Story told by: Lainey

We planned a trip this past weekend to visit Ba Ba for his 60th birthday! But this weekend also involved my belated birthday trip to the American Girl Store!

Daddy and I got to leave work/school a little early on Friday to drive over to Tacoma. Henry traveled like one cool guy.

As soon as we arrived, Na Na gave us ice cream (as any good grandma would do)

We got out the Legos Daddy had when he was a boy, and they were a big hit!

Saturday was the day for the American Girl Store in Seattle! Aunt Tiffany (and Uncle Jaron and Vern) was also here this weekend, and she brought her doll to join us for our girls’ day.

I was so excited that I could barely stand still for this picture!!!!

I brought Gabriela for a much-needed hair salon visit.

I walked around the store just taking it all in.

I took a picture by this Airstream to show to Gma and Gpa. It’s just like your camper!

I had money from Mommy, Gma, and Aunt Tiffany to spend, and I pooled it all to buy a new Hawaiian doll, Nanea.

After making my purchase, I had fun being silly in the store.

Then it was time for Gabriela’s hair appointment.

They recurled her hair.

Aunt Janet and Carly met us at the store! It was fun to have them there!

I picked this hair style for Gabriela, and it turned out perfectly!

And they also pierced her ears!

This was such a perfect trip!!!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

I also got to pick our lunch spot. I wanted pizza, so we went to MOD pizza. Yum!

Aunt Janet got me a fun book about Nanea, and Na Na got me a cool astronaut suit for Nanea. Thank you!! (And Carly is the only one in this picture who managed to keep her eyes open.)

I had enough extra money to also buy her this adorable pineapple outfit. The cutest!

Saturday evening was our birthday celebration for Mommy and Ba Ba!

We gave Ba Ba a fun birthday candy message!

We also did birthday presents for all of us kids (Henry’s birthday is February, mine is March, Vern’s is April, and Brody’s is May).

On Sunday, Grandma Jackie came to church with us, and then came back to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house for lunch.

You can see how excited Brody was to be part of this picture.

On Sunday afternoon, Na Na watched us while the adults got to go to Ba Ba’s Choral Union concert at Pacific Lutheran University.

It was absolutely incredible!

After the adults got home, we burned some energy off in the yard.

Vern (and Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jaron) had to leave on Sunday afternoon, but we first had some outside fun with Vern!

Today was Ba Ba’s actual birthday, so we woke up early and went to breakfast with him before he went to work (and before we drove home)!

Happy Birthday, Ba Ba! We had such a fun time celebrating you!

And before we left the west side of the state, we visited Victoria for a couple hours. Such a fun weekend!!!

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