My Sixth Birthday Party – Sheep!

Story told by: Lainey

For the past three years, I’ve wanted to be a sheep farmer! This year I decided that my love for sheep was enough to warrant it being the theme for my sixth birthday party.

We went for a theme of mostly white snacks.

We had grazing sheep as the centerpiece of the table.

The other food was yogurt-covered pretzels, white doughnuts, white cheddar popcorn, white cheddar crackers, and yogurt-covered raisins. Yum!

Mommy made sheep decorations to hang around the room. (If you’ll believe it, there aren’t a lot of pre-made sheep decorations out there.)

Let’s party!

My first friend to arrive was Ani, so we got right to work on the first craft. (This was a girls-only party, but I decided to let Henry join in on the fun while Brody napped.)

Sheep masks done!

As my other friends arrived, they made their sheep masks.

After that craft, we played Pin the Tail on the Sheep.

Mommy spun us around two times.

And then we had to find the board. I was a little off at first, but ended up pretty close to the actual tail.

Next we worked on another fun sheep craft that involved paint and our fingerprints.

The adults that stayed at the party were great helpers! They manned different stations to help with the various parts of the sheep craft.

My finished sheep!

Lainey pile!

Next up was the sheep hunt game. We had to hunt through wool to find eight tiny sheep. The first team to find all eight had to shout, “Baaaa!” Pictured here is team one!

And team two!

And team three!

And then it was go time!

Once we found our sheep, things got really fun!

The final event was a sheep race! We had to use our shepherd’s crook (a pink candy cane) to race our sheep (a cotton ball) around the track. Dez and I went first!

After our race, we cheered my friends on. Henry got to race against Paige.

Next up, presents!

When Brody was done napping (a.k.a. destroying his room), Priscilla was amazing and took him on a walk. He came back to watch the opening of presents, but was very happy to stick by her side.

I got some great presents, and I’m very grateful to all of my friends for thinking of me!

Finally, time for dessert! I told Mommy that instead of cupcakes I wanted vanilla ice cream with white toppings. Yum!

My friends all sang “Happy Birthday” to me!

Then my friends all got their ice cream.

Before everyone left, we got a picture with our sheep masks!

And our sheep art!

On their way out, everyone got some delicious sheep poop (chocolate-covered raisins) as a party favor.

I’m so grateful for a special day celebrating with my best friends!

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