Preschool Art Show

Story told by: Henry

Tonight was my first preschool art show!

I was very excited to show off my art to Mommy and Daddy!

I got to pick my own titles for my masterpieces.

I’ve come to this art show for the past two years to support Lainey, so it was fun to have tonight’s art show be all about me.

Our art this year was based around different books.

My self-portrait.

I named one of my pieces of art after my best friend, Weston.

After I showed Mommy and Daddy all of my art, we went downstairs for some delicious snacks. Mrs. O’Loughlin is THE. BEST. TEACHER. EVER. because she baked egg-free cookies for me to eat. I love her!

Mommy and Daddy wanted to get a picture with just me, and Mr. Levi managed to capture the difficulty of making that happen.

We finally got a good one! I was very proud of my art, and I had a great night showing off my talents!

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