Adventures, Field Trips, and Dates

Story told by: Henry

We’ve had an incredibly mild winter, so we’ve been getting outside whenever we can!

Brody and I are getting in lots of bike riding.

I’m doing well on riding my bike, but I’m still working on learning how to start by myself.

Lainey had a half day of school last week, so we requested to go on a stick hunt around town.

This stick/tree branch was the clear winner. Mommy wouldn’t let us bring it home, though. She’s no fun.

On another day, Brody, Mommy, and I went on a walk on the Chipman Trail in Pullman.

We watched the water under the bridge for quite awhile.

“Look, a rocket!”

Mommy stopped by McDonald’s to get us lunch. Here is our conversation:

Me: Mommy, is there a toy with this?

Mommy: No, I didn’t get you a Happy Meal.

Me: So, this is just a Sad Meal?

Mommy laughed for quite awhile over that comment.

While we’re on the topic of funny things kids say…. Daddy recently hurt himself playing soccer. Doctors think he may have torn his ACL, but we’re waiting on MRI results. Here is a conversation between Lainey and Daddy:

Lainey: Daddy, those crutches don’t make you look very handsome.

Daddy: What do they make me look like?

Lainey: Like a boss who’s about to die.

Mommy and Daddy got quite a chuckle over this as well.

On one of our recent walks, I modeled how Daddy walks.

We found out Brody has an ear infection, but after a sticker from the doctor and some antibiotics, he’s good to go!

We’ve had some epic castle building lately. Brody loves knocking it down, so most days he ends up locked in his room while we finish building.

We like describing our castle work.

I’ve always loved gymnastics, but over the last two weeks, Brody decided he really wants to get in to it. Here he lowered himself down the ladder by using only his hands.

Brody and Mac get to have class together, and it’s fun when we all get to warm up together (before I head to my own class).

Lainey hasn’t been able to dance, but she did go to class one day to watch. Her friends got to sign her cast!

Preschool is great as always! The last two weeks have been all about the ocean. We had a beach day, and this is the outfit I picked out (notice I’m wearing my shark bathing suit)!

Fish face!

We finished our ocean unit with a field trip to the pet store. Mommy and Brody got to join us!

Fish face!

Brody was a little nervous seeing some of the animals, so I made sure to hold his hand.

I touched a snake!

The ferret was cool!

My favorite was the bearded dragon.

Brody was obviously not impressed.

Such a fun field trip!

We’ve had lots of special time with Mommy and Daddy lately. Mommy and I love spending afternoons making Perler Bead crafts.

Mommy and Lainey went on a breakfast date last weekend. Lainey suggested they bring a game to play, and it was a blast!

Mommy and I went on a date yesterday. I have been asking and asking to get a second transformer for Daddy so we can play transformers together. So that was the first thing we did on our date! (Although Daddy let me have the transformer and said he can just borrow it when we play.)

And then we went to get ice cream!

Last night Lainey and Daddy got to go to a special daddy-daughter dance in Moscow.

In the midst of trying to get Lainey ready, she lost her third tooth!

Daddy and Lainey had a special night together!

There was delicious cake!

And lots of dancing (mostly by Lainey because Daddy can’t move very well)!

Lainey found a train of girls to dance with, and stayed there for the rest of the night! She had a blast!

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