Fractured Arm

Story told by: Lainey

As Henry mentioned in the last post, I fractured my right arm while on an ice skating date with Daddy a few days ago.

Mommy took me to the ER that evening, which is where we got confirmation of the fracture.

The ER doctor told me that I would eventually need a cast, but that I would need to be in a splint until the swelling goes down.

So Mommy and I were very surprised when the orthopedic doctor’s office called us and wanted to see me right away. We were even more surprised when we found out the cast would be going on at that appointment. I have a supracondylar fracture. When Dr. Pennington saw that come across his desk, he wanted to see me right away because this kind of fracture needs to be taken care of immediately. About 80% of kids with this fracture need surgery, but I had no bone displacement, so I’m in the lucky 20% who don’t need surgery. Dr. Pennington said that they could put the cast on, and as the swelling goes down, the cast will get a little loose, but since my bones aren’t displaced, he’s okay with a little wiggle room.

It was pretty easy to get my cast on. And I OBVIOUSLY picked bright pink for my cast color! This cast is waterproof, which means there’s no restrictions on swimming or bathing.

I most likely only have to have this on for three weeks! As Dr. Pennington was making my cast, he built in a loop to which he attached a sling. The sling helps to support the weight of the cast, but most importantly keeps me from moving my arm in the wrong direction.

Mommy and I went out for a giant ice cream after my appointment!

When we got home, Mommy was the first one to sign my cast.

We’ve had to get creative with getting dressed. I can’t do it by myself, and even if I could, none of my shirts fit over my cast. Mommy bought a few inexpensive shirts in a bigger size, and then cut the arm so it would work.

My doctor said I could go out to recess as long as I’m not climbing or going down the slide (but I can’t do P.E. or dance for the next few weeks). However, we couldn’t get my coat to zip up over my arm/sling, so Mommy and I picked out a coat in a bigger size from Goodwill. I love the pattern, and Mommy loves that it was $10. Everyone was happy!

I was proud to come home today sporting the signatures of my classmates. I love this part of having a cast! But I am still getting used to writing with my left hand, bathroom care, and many other things. But I’m grateful that it should only be three weeks!!

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