Monster Jam

Story told by: Henry

We drove up to Spokane yesterday for a fun day at Monster Jam! Mommy and Daddy didn’t initially tell us what we were doing, though. We just knew we were headed up for a fun surprise.

We stopped by Whiz Kids to get some fun new educational games.

Next we went to Red Robin for a delicious lunch. This place is always a hit!

Brody managed to purchase a game to play while waiting at the table. Sneaky boy. (Fortunately our server took it off our bill.)

And then the big surprise! Monster Jam! I couldn’t believe it!!!

I barely moved from my seat the entire show because I was so entranced.

Brody enjoyed the show for awhile.

Lainey was initially a little nervous, so she wanted to hold Mommy’s hand.

But she soon perked right up!

It wasn’t long before Brody got antsy and started moving all around.

Then he spent quite some time sucking on a water bottle. (Whatever floats your boat, Brody. Just don’t ruin this show for us.)

We were surprised to see several trucks flip over (but the drivers were okay).

We don’t know a single thing about Monster Jam, so we were surprised by the amazing freestyle tricks at the end of the show.

By this point in the show, Brody was sick of sitting still, he REALLY wanted to kick the guys in front of us, and he was done with his headphones. Rough life.

This was such a blast! And a really fun family day!

Fractured Arm

Story told by: Lainey

As Henry mentioned in the last post, I fractured my right arm while on an ice skating date with Daddy a few days ago.

Mommy took me to the ER that evening, which is where we got confirmation of the fracture.

The ER doctor told me that I would eventually need a cast, but that I would need to be in a splint until the swelling goes down.

So Mommy and I were very surprised when the orthopedic doctor’s office called us and wanted to see me right away. We were even more surprised when we found out the cast would be going on at that appointment. I have a supracondylar fracture. When Dr. Pennington saw that come across his desk, he wanted to see me right away because this kind of fracture needs to be taken care of immediately. About 80% of kids with this fracture need surgery, but I had no bone displacement, so I’m in the lucky 20% who don’t need surgery. Dr. Pennington said that they could put the cast on, and as the swelling goes down, the cast will get a little loose, but since my bones aren’t displaced, he’s okay with a little wiggle room.

It was pretty easy to get my cast on. And I OBVIOUSLY picked bright pink for my cast color! This cast is waterproof, which means there’s no restrictions on swimming or bathing.

I most likely only have to have this on for three weeks! As Dr. Pennington was making my cast, he built in a loop to which he attached a sling. The sling helps to support the weight of the cast, but most importantly keeps me from moving my arm in the wrong direction.

Mommy and I went out for a giant ice cream after my appointment!

When we got home, Mommy was the first one to sign my cast.

We’ve had to get creative with getting dressed. I can’t do it by myself, and even if I could, none of my shirts fit over my cast. Mommy bought a few inexpensive shirts in a bigger size, and then cut the arm so it would work.

My doctor said I could go out to recess as long as I’m not climbing or going down the slide (but I can’t do P.E. or dance for the next few weeks). However, we couldn’t get my coat to zip up over my arm/sling, so Mommy and I picked out a coat in a bigger size from Goodwill. I love the pattern, and Mommy loves that it was $10. Everyone was happy!

I was proud to come home today sporting the signatures of my classmates. I love this part of having a cast! But I am still getting used to writing with my left hand, bathroom care, and many other things. But I’m grateful that it should only be three weeks!!

January Hodgepodge

Story told by: Henry

It’s been a good January so far!

Before school started again for me and Lainey, we got together with friends for gym time to get our energy out.

Then we went with Mac and Ivy to get their FIRST-EVER happy meal. (How is that even possible?! Mommy’s mind was blown.)

Once school started again, Mommy got to go on a coffee date with Brody (in the midst of running errands).

Daddy has been working late on Friday nights, so we took advantage of one of those nights to go swimming with Mommy.

Our family went to watch a Cougar basketball game against the Huskies. Lainey’s face perfectly sums up how we feel about the Huskies.

Mommy and Daddy got to sneak away for a date to see “The Greatest Showman” and to have dinner. We had a blast with Ashley as our babysitter!

We’ve had an unusually warm (and not snowy) January, so we’ve taken advantage of it by getting outside whenever we can!

When we have rainy days, though, Lainey makes some pretty good obstacles courses for us.

Brody and I also get our energy out with gymnastics while Lainey is in school.

Lainey had Spirit Week at school. One day was “Character Day,” and she chose to go as Fancy Nancy (from one of her favorite book series).

For those of you who don’t know Fancy Nancy, here’s her picture.

Another day was “-ER Day” where you went as something ending in “-er.” Lainey went as a dancer.

Another day was “Dynamic Duo” day, so Lainey and her friend, Dez, dressed as twins.

Our sweet neighbor, Sandy, gave us Dairy Queen gift cards for Christmas, so we asked her to join us for ice cream one day after school. It was fun to spend time with her!

Lainey’s reading is quickly progressing. It’s fun for both Mommy and Lainey!

Mommy recently went to a baby shower for her friend, Amy. While there, she also got to see her friend, Jenny (in the black pants). They were all friends in the marching band from college, and lived on the same floor for their freshman and sophomore years. She had a blast catching up!

Brody and I wore matching shirts to church last weekend. When Mommy asked me if she could take a picture, I said, “Yes, but I’m going to squeeze hug Brody tight like this.”

We aren’t getting along very well lately, but thank goodness for moments like this to give Mommy’s sanity a break.

One afternoon Mommy and Lainey worked on the 100-piece puzzle she got for Christmas.

While they were puzzling, Daddy and I went on an ice skating date.

I started with the ice skating trainer.

But then I decided I could do it on my own! It was a blast!

Later that evening we played Kids Charades that Uncle Jar Jar gave us for Christmas.

But I couldn’t seem to remember that you can’t say the clue. It made for some good laughs.

Lainey didn’t have school on Monday, so we made some banana muffins. Lainey really wanted her sheep involved in the baking.

Brody has been sick off and on all week with a stomach bug.

He won’t sit still for many shows except for “Despicable Me 3.” He LOVES the minions and will watch at least an hour of this movie. So this has been on repeat all week long so he can get some rest.

Mommy has really enjoyed watching Lainey’s writing come to life!

Mommy especially loved Lainey’s drawing about loving Gob (God).

Mommy had some great friends over for a fantastic night of bunco. There was so much laughing (and wine). What a great night!

We had a break from the rain, so Brody and I got out for a bike ride while Lainey was in school.

And then when Mommy asked me to put away my bike and helmet, I obviously got a little distracted.

We went bowling as a family yesterday. The bowling alley employees were going to have a lot of dents to get out of our lane.

Our bowling neighbors also had lots of fun cheering us on!

Bowling was mostly fun. This picture sums up how much fun Brody has at any event (and you can imagine how much Mommy and Daddy are enjoying this stage of his life).

On Sunday it was Lainey’s turn for an ice skating date with Daddy!

Unfortunately with about five minutes left in their skating time, Lainey fell and hurt her right arm. She came home to ice it, but after Mommy saw the amount of swelling in her arm, they headed to the ER. Lainey was pretty happy as long as she didn’t have to move her arm.

Mommy and Lainey had quite a wait, so they entertained themselves with recreating the pain scale chart. After an x-ray, they found out that Lainey has a fracture above her elbow.

Mommy’s friend, Rachel, was their ER nurse, so it was nice to have a familiar face. Lainey got a stuffed animal horse for being such a brave girl!

Lainey has a hard splint on for now. The swelling in her arm needs to go down so they can get a better x-ray. Fortunately it’s not looking like anything is displaced, so hopefully surgery can be avoided and they can simply put a cast on next week.

Lainey had just a half day of kindergarten today. She was very proud to show the x-ray to her class, but also glad to get to come home to rest. She’s doing great and is very brave!

The Fog Between Christmas and New Year’s Day

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve been living in the fog that is the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s been a great time where we’re still in vacation mode (even though Daddy had to work a few days), there are new Christmas toys, and still tons of sugar in the house.

The day after Christmas we found out we needed to buy a new dishwasher, so Daddy spent a few hours installing it. Way to go, Daddy!

While Daddy worked on the dishwasher, we worked with Mommy on putting together our new Lego sets (while Brody slept because that kid is a nightmare when it comes to working patiently on anything).

I’m getting to the age where I can follow Lego directions on my own!

I needed very little help from Mommy for this castle.

I’ve enjoyed having lazy mornings with the boys.

We got out of the house one day to meet Mac and Ivy at Planet 3 (the trampoline place).

Mommy and Christy even got in on the action!

Our fantastic babysitter, Taylor, asked to take me on a special date. Of course!!!

She took me out to lunch, and then to get my first-ever pedicure!

After pedicures, she took me back to her house to watch a movie and eat lots of delicious treats. Thank you so much, Taylor! We love you!

We cheered on the Cougs in the Holiday Bowl against Michigan State. It didn’t go well. At all. But we still love our Cougs! See you guys in September!

Na Na and Ba Ba gave us these awesome activities for Christmas. We spent two full days coloring!

After the coloring was complete, we put them together!

The boys shared this rocket.

And here’s my gingerbread house!

Mommy took Henry and I to see “Coco.” We really liked it! (And Henry and I devoured that giant tub of popcorn.)

Mommy learned how to use her new Instant Pot. She made loaded cauliflower soup. It was delicious! (And she even used her new immersion blender for this recipe as well!)

On New Year’s Eve, we had yummy 2018 pancakes for dinner!

Brody also helped Mommy make cupcakes for New Year’s Eve. (Only the best sous chefs can pull off sunglasses and no pants.)

Our favorite tradition on New Year’s Eve is to stay home and play games all night. We love it! We started with this fun game from Uncle Jeff!

Next up was Zingo!

Then Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

And finally Zimbbos!

Next we pulled out hats and blowers for our 8 p.m. New Year’s Eve celebration! (We can’t quite make it to midnight. Nor do Mommy and Daddy want to attempt it with us.)

Netflix has countdowns on it, so we used one of those to count down to our celebration.

Mommy made special treats to toast to the New Year.


The treats were a hit!

And messy! We enjoyed our treats, and then were all in bed by 8:30! Happy New Year!

Mommy and Daddy stayed up until midnight playing Ticket to Ride and drinking wine. They laughed and danced and had so much fun! Favorite tradition!

Today we’ve had a great lazy morning watching the Rose Bowl parade.

Perfect way to start 2018! Happy New Year!