Top Ten of 2017

It’s been a fantastic 2017! Here are some highlights from our year….

10. We had some sweet friends invite us to experience wheat harvest on a combine.

9. We had an epic summer of camping. We couldn’t pick just one trip, so here is one picture from each excursion.

8. Lainey continues to love dance, and performed in her recital in June.

Lainey R WEB-1

7. Henry and Lainey both got to swim with Dede (and Brody gets to join in 2018).

6. Henry started preschool and Lainey started kindergarten.

5. After waiting for what felt like forever, Henry was finally old enough to play t-ball.

4. Brody is loving his class for gymnastics.

3. Lainey lost her first tooth (which was followed shortly by her second tooth).

2. We remained as dedicated of Cougar football fans as ever.

1. In fact, we took our Cougar fandom to a new level with our Halloween costumes. Go Cougs!

Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us! Happy New Year!

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