Christmas, 2017

Story told by: Lainey

We had a wonderful Christmas! Such fun to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

The tree in the wee hours of the morning. Mommy loves this peaceful moment of Christmas morning.

I was so excited for Christmas, though, that I woke Mommy and Daddy up at 1:20, 3:45, and finally at 5:20 to ask if it was time to get up yet (even though I can read my clock and knew it wasn’t time…a girl’s gotta hope, right?). Mommy and Daddy sent me and Henry up to my room with the iPad to watch a Christmas show while they peacefully drank coffee.

Santa was busy!

At 6:30, Mommy let us wake Brody up (who, of course, for the first time ever was sleeping in), and we waited at the top of the stairs for the “okay” to head down.

Here we go! Santa always leaves our big present unopened, so we were thrilled to find these surprises waiting for us.

I got twin Hatchimals!

Brody got a “PJ Masks” race car.

And Henry got a Ninja Turtle lair. Great job, Santa!

Next we opened stockings!

While we waited for the-best-ever breakfast casserole to bake, we had cookies. Cookies at 7 a.m.?!? Best. Day. Ever.

Then it was time to open presents! Gma and Gpa made sure I had some great American Girl accessories for the American Girl doll I bought a couple of months ago. Thank you!

Brody got lots of “PJ Masks” toys.

We’ve been loving non-fiction books, so we got quite a few of those.

We took a break for the breakfast casserole!

And then back at it! I got a great movie from Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you!

Mommy had someone make a unicorn hat for me. I love it!

Brody loves everything to do with minions, so he was very happy to get the movie.

We got the coolest rocket ship and gingerbread house from Na Na and Ba Ba. They’re big enough for us to play in, but you get to first decorate and color the sides of them. So cool! Thank you!

And they gave us a really fun play camper!

We spent a lot of time in the camper. You’ll also see the awesome robot dogs that Gma and Gpa gave us!

Daddy was very touched by the work gloves that I bought for him with my own money. I noticed that his work gloves were getting very dirty, so I asked Mommy if I could buy some for him.

Mommy and Daddy also loved the present that Henry made for them at preschool.

Mommy ordered Daddy some of his favorite specialty beer, but didn’t realize the size of the bottles. I guess Daddy has some drinking to do.

We got lots of great games this year! That will give us some great family time together!

Present opening is done! Now we play!

Na Na sat with me for a long time and became the expert on Hatchimals with me.

After taking care of the egg, the Hatchimals started hatching much sooner than expected. I later admitted to Mommy that I was both scared and excited while this was happening.

The Hatchimals sing “Hatchy Birthday” when they are born.

Brody did puzzles with Mommy and Daddy. Thanks for the puzzles, Aunt Jaffer!

Brody and Ba Ba got some snuggling in.

After a lazy morning, we decided it was time to get out to enjoy the beautiful snow. Nothing better than a white Christmas!

On our way home, Henry pulled Na Na on the sled. He’s one strong boy!

After lunch, Brody (and Ba Ba) took a nap while we played with our new games.

I love my new Lite-Brite!

I also love my new Belle dress!

When Brody woke up, he also pulled out some of his games.

And after lots of playing, it was time for a delicious Christmas dinner!

A great end to a perfect day!! We were thoroughly worn out. Henry asked to go to bed at 5:45, and Brody and I followed not long after. That’s the sign of a good Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! We hope your day was just as fantastic!

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