Christmas Eve, 2017

Story told by: Henry

It’s Christmas Eve!! We’re so excited!

We woke up to a fun message in sprinkles from Elf.

Daddy and I started our day with a good shave.

We went to church this morning, and after a quick lunch, we went to Joseph’s house to talk to Santa one last time before he started delivering presents. (Santa always comes to Joseph’s house a day or two before Christmas, so we were happy to join in on the visit.)

We each took turns telling Santa what we most wanted.

Mommy and Santa were both relieved that none of us changed our most wanted item on our list.

After Brody took a nap, we dressed up for Christmas Eve service at church. I looked so handsome in my church clothes! (Brody was your typical I-don’t-want-to-do-anything two-year-old.)

But he did cheer up for a picture with Na Na and Ba Ba.

It was a beautiful Christmas Eve service. In between the people in the pews, you can see us up front for the children’s message. We ended the night by singing “Silent Night” to candle light. This is one of Mommy’s favorite parts of Christmas.

Brody and I don’t remember this tradition, but Lainey made a beeline for the tree as soon as we got home because she remembered that Santa always brings us a present while we’re at church on Christmas Eve. We opened it to find matching pajamas and a new Christmas book!

For a late dinner, we had pizza (with paper plates). Super easy! And super delicious!

Matching hot chocolate pajamas!

Before going to bed, we each picked out a cookie (and milk) to leave for Santa.

Lainey also wrote Santa a note to encourage him for his long night.

We ended the night by reading our new book with Mommy. And now we go to bed because SANTA’S COMING!!!

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