Christmas Adam

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a great Christmas Adam today! But before I show you those pictures, here’s a few from yesterday!

We had lots of snow fall on Thursday night, so Friday morning meant playing in the snow! Henry was very proud of the arms he found for our snowman.

Daddy took the day off, and Mommy was getting her hair cut, so Daddy took us outside to play (and a neighbor came by to capture some pictures).

When Mommy got home, we got to make sugar cookies together. (Except I was in a quite a mood, so I chose to lay on the ground with my giant giraffe while Henry helped Mommy.)

We made egg-free cookies and dyed them red so we would make sure to know the cookies that were safe for Henry.

Na Na and Ba Ba arrived yesterday afternoon. Shortly after arriving, we went to watch the Cougar basketball game. Cougs won!

Just moments after getting us in bed, the power went off for hours. Na Na is amazing and just happened to have some lanterns to use.

The adults ate treats and talked by lantern for the rest of the night.

This morning I got to work on a craft with Na Na that I’ve been talking about since summer. We spent just about two hours working on this.

A mermaid!! I love it!

Thank you, Na Na!

Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Jaron, and Vern came down for the afternoon. It was a blast!

We got to exchange presents with each other.

While Vern and Brody took a nap, we decorated cookies.

Ba Ba was very detailed with his cookie decorating.

After cookie decorating, we played Heads Up. Girls vs. guys!

Although the guys can’t pose for a picture, they can play this game well, and they managed to win. Good job, guys!

After Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Jaron, and Vern headed home, we loaded up the car to find the best Christmas lights in Colton/Uniontown.

Here’s the award we handed out!

We had yummy candy canes in the car while searching.

After driving all through Colton and Uniontown, we had almost finished our search when we happened upon this house. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Hands down the winner!!

The owners weren’t home, so we left the award on their door.

Best in Show!! Way to go!

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