Snow, Gingerbread Houses, and a Trip on the Polar Express!

Story told by: Brody

Christmas is getting close, so we’re packing in all of the Christmas fun we can!! And we’re loving it!

We had our first big snow this weekend, so we got outside early on Saturday morning to enjoy it. I’ll actually keep my gloves on this year, and as it turns out, that makes being outside in the snow a lot more fun.

Henry and I tried to have a snowball fight with Daddy. It was fun until Daddy threw snowballs in our faces.

After I helped Daddy clear the sidewalks, Daddy helped us build an awesome snow fort.

Thanks, Daddy!

We woke up this morning, and immediately went to find Elf (as usual), but could only find his hat. We were confused.

And then we found him with Polar Express tickets!!

It’s the day for our annual Polar Express movie night!!!

We went to church this morning. Daddy and I looked super duper handsome.

During Sunday School, our sweet teacher, Kassidy, made a Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.

We got to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, and enjoy some delicious cake.

We also decorated ornaments, and got goody bags from Kassidy. Thank you for being a great teacher!

After lunch we got to decorate gingerbread houses.

I decorated a little, but was pretty insistent about just eating the candy. Mommy cut me off at some point, but I refused to be happy about it.

The logs and the fire in the front were Lainey’s idea. I was responsible for the person crawling out of the window. (That’s completely normal for a gingerbread house, right?)


After gingerbread houses, it was time for our Polar Express dinner!!

My favorite was definitely the snowballs (donut holes).

After dinner we changed into our pajamas and grabbed our tickets.

Daddy was the conductor, and punched our tickets before we entered the train.

Lainey got an “L.”

Henry got an “H.”

And I got a random bunch of holes because Daddy said a “B” was too hard. Ummm, not cool, Daddy.

Time to start the train!

When the servers on the movie came into the train to serve treats, we ran upstairs to get our own treats. We had snowflake pretzels, candy cane tree suckers, and hot chocolate. Delicious!

We then continued the movie while enjoying our treats.

A perfect end to a weekend packed full of Christmas activities. This house is definitely enjoying this Christmas season!!

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