Christmas Traditions (Lewiston Lights, Crafts, and Grinch Night)!

Story told by: Lainey

We absolutely love the Christmas season, and we celebrate with some fun traditions! We’re thrilled that Grandma and Grandpa have been here to join in on some of these traditions.

One thing we love doing is going down to see the lights at Locomotive Park in Lewiston.

Our favorite thing this year was the train!

The boys weren’t exactly cooperating for the pictures, but we did what we could.

We enjoyed checking out the ice for the ice skaters.

The penguins were also a big hit.

We ended the night with the best ever pizza – Fazzari’s!!

Brody didn’t like the pizza as much as he liked this piece of cheesy garlic bread the size of his face.

On Monday, after I got home from school, we did a fun snowman craft.

Brody’s snowman.

Henry’s snowman. He insisted on a black scarf with black stripes.

My snowman!

After the craft we got to have one of our favorite nights – Grinch Night!! We started by reading the book with Grandpa.

We got to have a Grinch-themed dinner. Grandma made the Roast Beast.

Mommy made Grinch kabobs.

We also had Who Hash.

Time to eat!

We ended our dinner with Who Pudding.

We gobbled it up right away!

After a delicious dinner, we got to watch the Grinch movie and eat Grinch popcorn.

Such a fun night!

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