The Perfect Tree

Story told by: Lainey

Today was the day we got to buy our Christmas tree!

When we woke up, we found that Elf had a message for us.

So we drove out to Spring Valley Family Tree Farm in Troy, Idaho to find the perfect tree.

We were informed that there was a golden star hidden in the trees. That kept the boys and I very busy looking for it (but we never found it).

I thought this tree might be perfect, but no one else seemed to agree.

After lots of searching, though, we found this perfect tree!

Grandpa cut down the tree.

Showing off his brute strength.

And Daddy demonstrated his brute strength by carrying the tree down the hill by himself.

The employees helped put the tree on our car.

They had yummy cookies and cider at the farm.

The candy cane was my favorite part.

Once we got home, it was time to decorate!

I definitely share Mommy’s love of Christmas!

Henry helped with the outside decorating.

Hot apple cider break!

Grandma helped to put up the nativity set. For the first time, it’s within our reach. We’ll see if it stays that way.

After decorating outside, Daddy came in to help put up the tree!

He was most excited to get the train set up (another first…we haven’t dared to do it yet).

Henry and I put on the first ornament. When asked to model it, here’s my modeling pose.

Henry perfected his stance for placing ornaments on the lower branches.

Brody gave up on the ornaments and turned to books.

The finished tree! It’s perfect!

Daddy next put the train under tree, and we LOVED it!!

We could have stayed here all night. We love the Christmas season!



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