November Fun!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a great first half of November! It’s getting chilly and giving us some great fall days!

Henry and I went to the last Cougar football home game of the year with Mommy and Daddy.

We were part of the first 10,000 people into the stadium, so we all got matching hats.

It was pretty cold, but we bundled up and stayed warm.

It was also the first snow of the year, which made catching snowflakes on our tongue a fun activity! Cougs win!!

One day at school my class spied a beautiful rainbow, so we ran outside to get a picture.

We didn’t have school last Friday in honor of Veteran’s Day, so Ivy got to come over for a play date! We get to see each other briefly at dance each week, but not being in the same kindergarten class has made it harder to spend time together. What fun we had together!!

Ivy and I have big plans for a joint sheep/horse farm when we get older. I made this at school one day to honor our future plans.

We’re enjoying some good turkey crafts!

The boys (especially Henry) will not stop moving to cuddle except for a few sleepy moments each morning. Mommy always stops whatever she’s doing to soak up these snuggles.

Mommy had a rare morning at home with just Brody while both Henry and I were at school. It was a perfect slow morning for them.

Brody loves asking our Echo about the weather.

Mommy also had some craft time with Henry, and he requested that they make a Spider-Man mask.

When Brody naps on the weekends, we love to play games. Candy Land is a favorite!

This game, Hiss, is relatively new to us, but we really enjoyed it!

On Saturday afternoon we watched the away Coug vs. Utah game. I made my own chart to track every time the Cougs or Utes scored.

My finished chart at the end of the game. Cougs win! We’re 9 and 2!! Next weekend is a bye weekend, and then….APPLE CUP!!!!! It’s going to be huge! We can barely contain our excitement!!

Mommy got away on Sunday for her annual Spokane shopping trip with Christy and Jamie. She got most of our Christmas shopping done, and SO enjoyed her time with her friends.

Grandma and Grandpa arrive in four days!! So while Henry and I were at school, Brody and Mommy went to Ferdinand’s to stock up on cheese and ice cream. (Ferdinand’s closes over Thanksgiving Break, so this ensures Grandma and Grandpa still get Ferdinand’s deliciousness.)

This morning Daddy and I went to “Dads and Doughnuts” morning at my school.

Of course I picked the doughnut with the most chocolate frosting I could find!

I also made Daddy a special page. I sure love him!

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