Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Story told by: Henry

Grandma and Grandpa had to fly home yesterday. We were sad to see them go, but glad that we could have such a fun time with them. Here is a hodgepodge of fun from their visit.

Right when they arrived, they pulled out markers, coloring books, and stickers.

We played LOTS of games over the course of their visit. This Paw Patrol Trouble game was a favorite.

Brody and I got some special time with Grandma and Grandpa while Lainey went to school. We had some early morning movie watching/snuggles.


And Perler Beads!

I got to go on a date with Grandpa! We went to McDonald’s, and then we went to go bowling. Except once we got to the bowling alley, I was so enamored with the games that we skipped bowling to play games and win prizes. It was a blast!!

When Lainey got home from school, she requested special time with just Grandma.

Mommy and Grandma love puzzles, so they worked on one in the evenings.

Grandpa is an early riser, so we got to have breakfast with him most mornings.

We went to the science center one morning, and showed Grandma how to dig for dinosaur bones.

After we picked Lainey up from school, Grandma and Grandpa surprised us with a trip to the new trampoline park in Moscow.

Lainey found one of her friends there!

I most enjoyed swinging in these contraptions!

Brody also loved them!

Such a blast!

Mommy and Daddy got to have a night away! They stumbled upon trivia night at a restaurant, so they stayed to play.

This is Daddy telling Mommy to put her phone away because phones weren’t allowed during trivia night. But in Mommy’s defense, she clearly wasn’t Googling anything. She was just taking pictures of her cute date.

They didn’t win, but had a great time!

At a spring WSU baseball game, Daddy had entered a contest and won a free stay at a local hotel. Mommy and Daddy used that getaway while we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy and Daddy REALLY enjoyed sleeping in until 7 a.m. and having breakfast in bed. It was an incredibly rare slow, lazy morning!

After watching the Today show (which they never get to do!), they went out for brunch.

And after wandering through stores and doing a little Christmas shopping, they ended their date by drinking coffee and reading books. Perfect!

While Mommy and Daddy were on their date, Lainey had a half day of school. They were having their Thanksgiving feast!

Lainey wrote on her headband that she’s thankful for Santa, Grandma, and Grandpa!

After Mommy and Daddy got home, we had a quick dinner and went to the last WSU volleyball home game of the season.

Brody was mostly interested in eating popcorn.

Brody was thrilled to talk to Butch.

We entered a contest and won a signed volleyball!

After the game, Mommy and Grandma finished the puzzle!

On Saturday we woke up excited about the Apple Cup. Even Elf got in on it!

While Grandma and Grandpa watched their big rivalry game (Michigan vs. Ohio State), we went out for a walk to get some energy out.

Before the Apple Cup, Lainey got to go on her date with Grandpa. She made sure to grab her shiny gold purse.

They first went to McDonald’s and then to the arcade for a bit.

Then they went to pick out a toy.

She got a new doll! (Lainey also went to the dollar store to use her own money to buy me and Brody a present.)

Then it was Apple Cup time. We did Play-Doh, and the adults cried throughout the game. Not a good game. But, as always, go Cougs!

After church on Sunday, we went to see “The Star.” It tells the story of the first Christmas and the birth of Jesus. SO GOOD!! We were laughing quite a bit!

On Tuesday, while Lainey was at school and I was at preschool, Brody got to hang out with the adults. (It involved a yummy treat for him, so it was a pretty good deal.)

Grandpa stayed with me and Brody while Mommy and Grandma went to lunch and pedicures. They came back very relaxed!

Our last night together involved lots of games and books. Soaking up all the fun time we can get!

Before Lainey went to school on their last morning, we got a picture together.

And lots of hugs and kisses! We will sure miss them! Thanks for a great visit, and we can’t wait to see you in April!

Christmas Traditions (Lewiston Lights, Crafts, and Grinch Night)!

Story told by: Lainey

We absolutely love the Christmas season, and we celebrate with some fun traditions! We’re thrilled that Grandma and Grandpa have been here to join in on some of these traditions.

One thing we love doing is going down to see the lights at Locomotive Park in Lewiston.

Our favorite thing this year was the train!

The boys weren’t exactly cooperating for the pictures, but we did what we could.

We enjoyed checking out the ice for the ice skaters.

The penguins were also a big hit.

We ended the night with the best ever pizza – Fazzari’s!!

Brody didn’t like the pizza as much as he liked this piece of cheesy garlic bread the size of his face.

On Monday, after I got home from school, we did a fun snowman craft.

Brody’s snowman.

Henry’s snowman. He insisted on a black scarf with black stripes.

My snowman!

After the craft we got to have one of our favorite nights – Grinch Night!! We started by reading the book with Grandpa.

We got to have a Grinch-themed dinner. Grandma made the Roast Beast.

Mommy made Grinch kabobs.

We also had Who Hash.

Time to eat!

We ended our dinner with Who Pudding.

We gobbled it up right away!

After a delicious dinner, we got to watch the Grinch movie and eat Grinch popcorn.

Such a fun night!

The Perfect Tree

Story told by: Lainey

Today was the day we got to buy our Christmas tree!

When we woke up, we found that Elf had a message for us.

So we drove out to Spring Valley Family Tree Farm in Troy, Idaho to find the perfect tree.

We were informed that there was a golden star hidden in the trees. That kept the boys and I very busy looking for it (but we never found it).

I thought this tree might be perfect, but no one else seemed to agree.

After lots of searching, though, we found this perfect tree!

Grandpa cut down the tree.

Showing off his brute strength.

And Daddy demonstrated his brute strength by carrying the tree down the hill by himself.

The employees helped put the tree on our car.

They had yummy cookies and cider at the farm.

The candy cane was my favorite part.

Once we got home, it was time to decorate!

I definitely share Mommy’s love of Christmas!

Henry helped with the outside decorating.

Hot apple cider break!

Grandma helped to put up the nativity set. For the first time, it’s within our reach. We’ll see if it stays that way.

After decorating outside, Daddy came in to help put up the tree!

He was most excited to get the train set up (another first…we haven’t dared to do it yet).

Henry and I put on the first ornament. When asked to model it, here’s my modeling pose.

Henry perfected his stance for placing ornaments on the lower branches.

Brody gave up on the ornaments and turned to books.

The finished tree! It’s perfect!

Daddy next put the train under tree, and we LOVED it!!

We could have stayed here all night. We love the Christmas season!



Thanksgiving, 2017

Story told by: Lainey

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a fantastic day celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa!

We started our morning by watching the parade on TV.

The boys watched in what appears to be the most uncomfortable position.

Mommy worked throughout the day to get dinner ready. Here’s the delicious stuffing going into the crockpot!

After watching the parade, we had to get outside or we were going to make Mommy crazy.

I had fun making different forts.

While we were hanging out, Daddy decided to get a jump start on decorating by hanging the Christmas star on his radio tower.

Mommy and Grandma did the turkey together, and it came out beautifully!

This is the only (and a little pathetic) picture Mommy got of the delicious food! There was turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pies!

For dinner we had Alex and Kari (and their kids) join us! They didn’t have any family coming for Thanksgiving, so it was obvious that they had to join our Thanksgiving crew!

It was fun to have Connor and Rogan join us for dinner.

Grandpa had his usual giant turkey leg.

It’s hard to read, but I knew I had to wear my “give thanks” shirt for today!

After dinner we played “Heads Up”! The other kids went downstairs to play with toys, but I wanted to play with the adults.

There are always lots of laughs with this game!

After games, we had some delicious pies! (But Mommy once again failed on the picture taking and only remembered to take a picture after slicing.) We had a pumpkin pie and a rhubarb pie! Yum!

After we said goodbye to our friends and brushed our teeth, we had a very close friend surprise us!!! We’re so glad he’s back!!

He was freezing cold to the touch. The North Pole must be very cold, so thank goodness he wore his jacket to stay warm.

We read the note from Elf.

We got to read the book Elf brought with him.

Henry and I ended the night by making sure to tell Elf what we wanted for Christmas so he could deliver the news to Santa. I would like a Hatchimal and Henry would like a Ninja Turtle lair.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

November Fun!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a great first half of November! It’s getting chilly and giving us some great fall days!

Henry and I went to the last Cougar football home game of the year with Mommy and Daddy.

We were part of the first 10,000 people into the stadium, so we all got matching hats.

It was pretty cold, but we bundled up and stayed warm.

It was also the first snow of the year, which made catching snowflakes on our tongue a fun activity! Cougs win!!

One day at school my class spied a beautiful rainbow, so we ran outside to get a picture.

We didn’t have school last Friday in honor of Veteran’s Day, so Ivy got to come over for a play date! We get to see each other briefly at dance each week, but not being in the same kindergarten class has made it harder to spend time together. What fun we had together!!

Ivy and I have big plans for a joint sheep/horse farm when we get older. I made this at school one day to honor our future plans.

We’re enjoying some good turkey crafts!

The boys (especially Henry) will not stop moving to cuddle except for a few sleepy moments each morning. Mommy always stops whatever she’s doing to soak up these snuggles.

Mommy had a rare morning at home with just Brody while both Henry and I were at school. It was a perfect slow morning for them.

Brody loves asking our Echo about the weather.

Mommy also had some craft time with Henry, and he requested that they make a Spider-Man mask.

When Brody naps on the weekends, we love to play games. Candy Land is a favorite!

This game, Hiss, is relatively new to us, but we really enjoyed it!

On Saturday afternoon we watched the away Coug vs. Utah game. I made my own chart to track every time the Cougs or Utes scored.

My finished chart at the end of the game. Cougs win! We’re 9 and 2!! Next weekend is a bye weekend, and then….APPLE CUP!!!!! It’s going to be huge! We can barely contain our excitement!!

Mommy got away on Sunday for her annual Spokane shopping trip with Christy and Jamie. She got most of our Christmas shopping done, and SO enjoyed her time with her friends.

Grandma and Grandpa arrive in four days!! So while Henry and I were at school, Brody and Mommy went to Ferdinand’s to stock up on cheese and ice cream. (Ferdinand’s closes over Thanksgiving Break, so this ensures Grandma and Grandpa still get Ferdinand’s deliciousness.)

This morning Daddy and I went to “Dads and Doughnuts” morning at my school.

Of course I picked the doughnut with the most chocolate frosting I could find!

I also made Daddy a special page. I sure love him!