Halloween, 2017

Story told by: Henry

Happy Halloween! We had such a great day!

I started my day with Nocturnal Day in preschool! We got to wear pajamas and bring our favorite stuffed animal.

We got to do crafts and games in the dark.

And play with glow sticks!

I was very proud of the owl hat I made.

Mommy made Lainey a fun Halloween lunch. A spider sandwich accompanied by lots of orange food.

We couldn’t stay for Lainey’s class party because it was during Brody’s nap time, but we did deliver Frankenstein fruit cups.

Once Lainey got home from kindergarten, it was time to put on our costumes! These costumes were ALL Lainey’s idea, and we were thrilled to go along with it!

Brody loves Butch a lot, so it made sense for him to be Butch.

A Butch costume doesn’t exist, though, so we pieced this together. It consists of teddy bear footed/hooded PJs, a tail sewn by a friend, a Butch mask borrowed from another friend, and a WSU jersey.

The cheerleader!

And me! The best Cougar football player!

Check out these muscles!

Mommy had to get this video because she loves how the mouth moves on Butch as he runs.

Mommy and Daddy found old marching band hats at the WSU surplus store, so they decided to wear those for tonight.

Time to trick-or-treat!

The whole crew!

And the start of the fight song! Mommy and Daddy haven’t played their instruments in ten years, but they at least remembered the beginning of the fight song!

We sang the fight song at each house (and we visited a lot of houses)!

Once we got home we ate some candy, had some meltdowns, brushed our teeth, and headed to bed. Such a great day!

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