Fall Fun with the Cowgills

Story told by: Lainey

The Cowgills moved to Seattle a year ago, and we’ve sure missed them! We were thrilled to have them come stay with us this weekend!

The big kids had a special meal table!

Mya and I tried having a slumber party the first night, but it didn’t last very long. Mya was so excited to play with my toys that she wanted to do it all night long.

After a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, we bundled up to head outside to burn off some energy.

It was all fun and games until Henry got hit in the face with a frisbee. After Mommy cleaned up the blood and gave him an ice pack, he was ready to go again (but has quite a fat lip today, or “chubby lip” as Lainey calls it).

Coloring was next up in our day.

Saturday was a game day, so Mommy was excited to wear her new Cougar shirt!

I was excited to pass clothes on to Mya, so I had to get a picture with her in my old dress and favorite red boots.

While Brody and Keller took naps, we hung out downstairs to watch football.

After pulling out the perler beads, spontaneous singing broke out.

Next up, caramel apples! We started by taking the wrappers off the caramel.

Mommy about to dip the first apple!

We picked out our toppings, and the adults helped to make our apples.

Now comes the hard part, waiting for them to cool and harden!

After baths and dinner, we got to dig into our apples! So yummy!!

The Coug game started at 7:45 on Saturday night (soooooo late), and we had Taylor come babysit us. Group picture before the adults left!

Once the adults got to campus, they went to the field house to escape from the rain and cold for a few minutes before the game. But, since they were with Robbie (who is a WSU basketball legend), the rest of the gang had to do a lot of waiting. This is their “we’re waiting for the famous Robbie Cowgill to stop talking to his adoring fans” face. (P.S. April used to play for the WSU volleyball team, and to us, she’s also famous!)

It rained for the. entire. game. Didn’t let up even a bit. But they stayed until the very end to watch the Cougs beat Colorado 28-0.

Mommy got to see her sweet college friend, Angelina, which was such a treat!

On Sunday morning, we had a full house! The game was so late the night before, that Taylor just stayed the night. She woke up to have blueberry french toast with us.

April gave Mya and I matching hair, so we had to get a picture of it before heading off to church (and Brody wanted to show off his hairstyle as well).

We had a fantastic weekend with the Cowgills! We really appreciate them driving all the way across the state, and we’re grateful for their friendship!

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