A Fun October Weekend!

Story told by: Henry

I got to go on a special date with Mommy on Friday night!

Our first stop was McDonald’s for dinner, and I couldn’t believe that she let me get chocolate milk. I drank it right away just in case she changed her mind.

After dinner, we went to several stores around town to play the games that I always ask to play, but never get to play. We started with the claw machine at ShopKo, and I realized it was a pretty tough game.

Then we went to the games that were more of a sure thing.

I was thrilled with my tiny flashlight!

Next we went to Safeway where I was amazed by a tiny frog and a sticky hand.

At each store, I couldn’t believe that we were getting more prizes. I kept saying, “Wait, we’re not done?! I get to play another game?!”

At Wal-Mart I opted to not even play the claw machine because I learned it was too tricky, but I went straight for these games. I couldn’t stop smiling after this date, and I’m holding on to my precious prizes. Thanks, Mommy!

At the same time as my date with Mommy, Daddy and Lainey went to the Disney Daddy Daughter date night at the WSU volleyball game. Lainey dressed up as Snow White, so she immediately went right up to Snow White to compare dresses.

And Lainey was very excited when Butch arrived!

Daddy and Lainey were chosen to compete against other daddy/daughter teams in a bowling competition at halftime.

And they were the winners!! They won a Southfork gift card and movie tickets, but Lainey was most excited about winning this pillow case. What a fun evening!

On Saturday morning we got up and went to the pumpkin patch in Palouse!

There were fun coloring activities.

Brody always sticks his tongue out when concentrating.

There were games we played for prizes.

Family picture!

Lainey tried tickling Brody for the picture, but it didn’t really work.

Next we did a scavenger hunt through the pumpkin patch.

We did face painting, but I opted for a pirate ship on my hand.

Lainey was turned over to the nine-year-old face painter.

Lainey received some unique princess jewels on her face, but Lainey was thrilled with them, and that’s all that matters!

We drank hot chocolate and sat around the campfire for a bit.

They also had s’more kits there, so Daddy roasted marshmallows for us.


On Saturday night we got to play with a babysitter while Mommy and Daddy went out for a date (and got to have an actual conversation)!

After church on Sunday, the Cooks came down from Spokane to spend the afternoon with us.

The highlight of the afternoon was playing in piles of leaves!

The perfect end to a perfect fall weekend!

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