School Spirit!

Story told by: Lainey

It’s been a great month so far! Fall is my favorite time of year!

I was nominated as one of the students of the month in September, and I just recently got my award. The traits I was nominated for were my courage and enthusiasm.

I got to have a special pizza lunch with my principal, Mr. Casey.

We just had homecoming week at school, and had various dress up days for the week. Here I am as a tacky tourist.

Rodeo Day. (These boots are two sizes too small, and after hobbling around the house for a few minutes, I finally had to admit defeat and retire these to give to someone else. Farewell trusty red boots.)

‘Merica Day.

Decades Day. (I loved getting to recycle my dance recital costume.)

We had Open House Night at school last week, so Mommy got to come see everything I’ve been doing at school. I showed her around my classroom and sang her lots of songs.

I’ve been learning about Johnny Appleseed. My favorite fact to share about him is that his real name was John Chapman. We even got to make applesauce in class!

Mommy and the boys were at home also working with apples. They picked apples from our trees and made apple butter together.

It cooked for 12 hours in the crockpot, and after going through the food processor, it was perfect!

Mommy also made apple crisp one afternoon, and these are the looks on our faces when she told us that we were getting apple crisp (and ice cream) for dinner. Amazing!

Henry has been working hard in preschool learning all about owls. He made this owl habitat! His favorite fact to share about owls is that they’re nocturnal.

Henry and I have been doing AWANA, and I finally earned my Sparks vest. Henry is loving being a Cubbie in a class full of five Cubbie boys (their leader is a saint)!

We all went to the dentist and rocked it! Brody was still a little nervous and needed to sit in Mommy’s lap, but he did pretty well.

We also got our flu shots, so Mommy rewarded us with ice cream cones afterwards.

With my school schedule, it’s hard to see my non-Colton friends during the day. Mommy watched Kylee last week, so it was fun to have her come pick me up from school with the boys.

And I FINALLY got to spend time with Ivy! I’ve really missed her! (We see each other at dance every week, but it’s not the same as getting to play together.)

Henry and Mac also really enjoyed time together. We’re loving these beautiful days!

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