Halloween, 2017

Story told by: Henry

Happy Halloween! We had such a great day!

I started my day with Nocturnal Day in preschool! We got to wear pajamas and bring our favorite stuffed animal.

We got to do crafts and games in the dark.

And play with glow sticks!

I was very proud of the owl hat I made.

Mommy made Lainey a fun Halloween lunch. A spider sandwich accompanied by lots of orange food.

We couldn’t stay for Lainey’s class party because it was during Brody’s nap time, but we did deliver Frankenstein fruit cups.

Once Lainey got home from kindergarten, it was time to put on our costumes! These costumes were ALL Lainey’s idea, and we were thrilled to go along with it!

Brody loves Butch a lot, so it made sense for him to be Butch.

A Butch costume doesn’t exist, though, so we pieced this together. It consists of teddy bear footed/hooded PJs, a tail sewn by a friend, a Butch mask borrowed from another friend, and a WSU jersey.

The cheerleader!

And me! The best Cougar football player!

Check out these muscles!

Mommy had to get this video because she loves how the mouth moves on Butch as he runs.

Mommy and Daddy found old marching band hats at the WSU surplus store, so they decided to wear those for tonight.

Time to trick-or-treat!

The whole crew!

And the start of the fight song! Mommy and Daddy haven’t played their instruments in ten years, but they at least remembered the beginning of the fight song!

We sang the fight song at each house (and we visited a lot of houses)!

Once we got home we ate some candy, had some meltdowns, brushed our teeth, and headed to bed. Such a great day!

Pumpkin Carving and Disney on Ice

Story told by: Lainey

We had yet another fantastic weekend!

I kicked the weekend off with a bang by attending a Halloween party at Joseph’s house on Friday after school. He invited our entire kindergarten class to his house. Not everyone could come, but there was still a good turnout!

We left with a pumpkin and delicious treats! Thanks to Joseph, his mom, and his grandma for a great party!

Saturday was filled with various errands and (LOTS) of leaf raking, but after that was all done, we got to carve pumpkins!

Daddy grew almost all of these pumpkins in our garden! Henry and I were much less grossed out by the pumpkin guts this year.

Even Brody helped with cleaning out his pumpkin.

I was able to help with outlining my design this year. I may be able to help with carving in a year or two.

Our finished pumpkins!

Here is how my sheep turned out! It’s perfect for my future as a sheep farmer.

Daddy made a happy pumpkin.

Mommy did the butterfly. Brody requested a minion. And Henry wanted an owl because he’s learning about nocturnal animals at preschool. (He also informed us that pumpkins are nocturnal since we light them at night.)

Proud of our pumpkins!

Joseph’s grandma was taking them to Disney on Ice on Sunday, and they had three extra tickets, so they gave them to us!!!

Henry and I got to have a special day with Mommy to go to the show in Spokane!

Me and Joseph

Once the show started, we couldn’t take our eyes off the ice, and Mommy couldn’t take her eyes off of us (and our reactions).

Henry was transfixed most of the show, and showed very little expression.

I showed my excitement throughout the show.

This is when Ariel came out!! I’d been waiting for her the entire show!

Picture at intermission.

Henry had been waiting for Dory the whole night, and when she came out, this was the biggest reaction he had the entire show.

We were both amazed when it started snowing! INSIDE!!

I loved singing along with the princesses. Here I am singing with Merida from “Brave.”

Here I am singing with Anna. Partway through the video you’ll see my excitement when I spot Elsa for the first time.

Mommy caught Henry dancing just a tiny bit.

We ended the show with my favorite song from “Frozen.” Such a fun show, and we’re so grateful to Joseph’s grandma for giving us the tickets!!

Mommy had great plans of taking us to lunch at a yummy restaurant in Spokane, but Henry was SO good by sitting still for two hours during Disney on Ice that he could barely walk in a straight line back to the car through the parking lot due to extra energy (picture lots of jumping, wiggling, hanging, bouncing), so Mommy opted for the easier/happier option of McDonald’s with the BEST PLAY PLACE EVER.

This play place excited us almost as much as Disney on Ice. A perfect end to our weekend!!

Fall Fun with the Cowgills

Story told by: Lainey

The Cowgills moved to Seattle a year ago, and we’ve sure missed them! We were thrilled to have them come stay with us this weekend!

The big kids had a special meal table!

Mya and I tried having a slumber party the first night, but it didn’t last very long. Mya was so excited to play with my toys that she wanted to do it all night long.

After a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, we bundled up to head outside to burn off some energy.

It was all fun and games until Henry got hit in the face with a frisbee. After Mommy cleaned up the blood and gave him an ice pack, he was ready to go again (but has quite a fat lip today, or “chubby lip” as Lainey calls it).

Coloring was next up in our day.

Saturday was a game day, so Mommy was excited to wear her new Cougar shirt!

I was excited to pass clothes on to Mya, so I had to get a picture with her in my old dress and favorite red boots.

While Brody and Keller took naps, we hung out downstairs to watch football.

After pulling out the perler beads, spontaneous singing broke out.

Next up, caramel apples! We started by taking the wrappers off the caramel.

Mommy about to dip the first apple!

We picked out our toppings, and the adults helped to make our apples.

Now comes the hard part, waiting for them to cool and harden!

After baths and dinner, we got to dig into our apples! So yummy!!

The Coug game started at 7:45 on Saturday night (soooooo late), and we had Taylor come babysit us. Group picture before the adults left!

Once the adults got to campus, they went to the field house to escape from the rain and cold for a few minutes before the game. But, since they were with Robbie (who is a WSU basketball legend), the rest of the gang had to do a lot of waiting. This is their “we’re waiting for the famous Robbie Cowgill to stop talking to his adoring fans” face. (P.S. April used to play for the WSU volleyball team, and to us, she’s also famous!)

It rained for the. entire. game. Didn’t let up even a bit. But they stayed until the very end to watch the Cougs beat Colorado 28-0.

Mommy got to see her sweet college friend, Angelina, which was such a treat!

On Sunday morning, we had a full house! The game was so late the night before, that Taylor just stayed the night. She woke up to have blueberry french toast with us.

April gave Mya and I matching hair, so we had to get a picture of it before heading off to church (and Brody wanted to show off his hairstyle as well).

We had a fantastic weekend with the Cowgills! We really appreciate them driving all the way across the state, and we’re grateful for their friendship!

A Fun October Weekend!

Story told by: Henry

I got to go on a special date with Mommy on Friday night!

Our first stop was McDonald’s for dinner, and I couldn’t believe that she let me get chocolate milk. I drank it right away just in case she changed her mind.

After dinner, we went to several stores around town to play the games that I always ask to play, but never get to play. We started with the claw machine at ShopKo, and I realized it was a pretty tough game.

Then we went to the games that were more of a sure thing.

I was thrilled with my tiny flashlight!

Next we went to Safeway where I was amazed by a tiny frog and a sticky hand.

At each store, I couldn’t believe that we were getting more prizes. I kept saying, “Wait, we’re not done?! I get to play another game?!”

At Wal-Mart I opted to not even play the claw machine because I learned it was too tricky, but I went straight for these games. I couldn’t stop smiling after this date, and I’m holding on to my precious prizes. Thanks, Mommy!

At the same time as my date with Mommy, Daddy and Lainey went to the Disney Daddy Daughter date night at the WSU volleyball game. Lainey dressed up as Snow White, so she immediately went right up to Snow White to compare dresses.

And Lainey was very excited when Butch arrived!

Daddy and Lainey were chosen to compete against other daddy/daughter teams in a bowling competition at halftime.

And they were the winners!! They won a Southfork gift card and movie tickets, but Lainey was most excited about winning this pillow case. What a fun evening!

On Saturday morning we got up and went to the pumpkin patch in Palouse!

There were fun coloring activities.

Brody always sticks his tongue out when concentrating.

There were games we played for prizes.

Family picture!

Lainey tried tickling Brody for the picture, but it didn’t really work.

Next we did a scavenger hunt through the pumpkin patch.

We did face painting, but I opted for a pirate ship on my hand.

Lainey was turned over to the nine-year-old face painter.

Lainey received some unique princess jewels on her face, but Lainey was thrilled with them, and that’s all that matters!

We drank hot chocolate and sat around the campfire for a bit.

They also had s’more kits there, so Daddy roasted marshmallows for us.


On Saturday night we got to play with a babysitter while Mommy and Daddy went out for a date (and got to have an actual conversation)!

After church on Sunday, the Cooks came down from Spokane to spend the afternoon with us.

The highlight of the afternoon was playing in piles of leaves!

The perfect end to a perfect fall weekend!

School Spirit!

Story told by: Lainey

It’s been a great month so far! Fall is my favorite time of year!

I was nominated as one of the students of the month in September, and I just recently got my award. The traits I was nominated for were my courage and enthusiasm.

I got to have a special pizza lunch with my principal, Mr. Casey.

We just had homecoming week at school, and had various dress up days for the week. Here I am as a tacky tourist.

Rodeo Day. (These boots are two sizes too small, and after hobbling around the house for a few minutes, I finally had to admit defeat and retire these to give to someone else. Farewell trusty red boots.)

‘Merica Day.

Decades Day. (I loved getting to recycle my dance recital costume.)

We had Open House Night at school last week, so Mommy got to come see everything I’ve been doing at school. I showed her around my classroom and sang her lots of songs.

I’ve been learning about Johnny Appleseed. My favorite fact to share about him is that his real name was John Chapman. We even got to make applesauce in class!

Mommy and the boys were at home also working with apples. They picked apples from our trees and made apple butter together.

It cooked for 12 hours in the crockpot, and after going through the food processor, it was perfect!

Mommy also made apple crisp one afternoon, and these are the looks on our faces when she told us that we were getting apple crisp (and ice cream) for dinner. Amazing!

Henry has been working hard in preschool learning all about owls. He made this owl habitat! His favorite fact to share about owls is that they’re nocturnal.

Henry and I have been doing AWANA, and I finally earned my Sparks vest. Henry is loving being a Cubbie in a class full of five Cubbie boys (their leader is a saint)!

We all went to the dentist and rocked it! Brody was still a little nervous and needed to sit in Mommy’s lap, but he did pretty well.

We also got our flu shots, so Mommy rewarded us with ice cream cones afterwards.

With my school schedule, it’s hard to see my non-Colton friends during the day. Mommy watched Kylee last week, so it was fun to have her come pick me up from school with the boys.

And I FINALLY got to spend time with Ivy! I’ve really missed her! (We see each other at dance every week, but it’s not the same as getting to play together.)

Henry and Mac also really enjoyed time together. We’re loving these beautiful days!