We Love Fall!

Story told by: Henry

We are so excited that fall is here! It means that our fun activities are starting again!

While Lainey is at school, Brody and I get to go to gymnastics!

I’m in PreGym and Brody is in Wiggle Worms (which means Mommy does the class with him).

On this video of his first day, Brody was a little nervous to jump into the foam pit.

He’s gotten much better at it over the past few weeks, though!

Mommy managed to snap a few pictures of me with my classmates.

My favorite part of my class is when we get to do the trampoline!

We love getting Lainey from school.

Lainey started dance class again!

She’s pretty tired after all-day kindergarten, but she perks right up when it comes to dance class time.

Brody threw his shoes out the window in the Starbucks drive-thru, and Mommy didn’t discover it until we got home. Thank goodness the Starbucks’ employees found Brody’s shoes, but in the meantime, Brody had to wear boots until we could pick them up. (And now, just days after recovering his shoes, we’re convinced he threw one of his shoes in the trash, so Mommy had to buy him new shoes today. Stinker.)

Mommy and Daddy got dressed up for a work celebration to honor Daddy working at SEL for ten years!

We’re proud of you for all of your hard work!

Lainey and I got to go to a Cougar football game with Mommy and Daddy last weekend!

Mommy got to see her good high school friend, Hilary. That made Mommy very happy!

Lainey and I did really well during the game. When we started to get wiggly, we got a giant bag of popcorn on which to munch. The Cougs beat the Beavers, and now they’re 3-0! Yes!!

Lainey REALLY wanted to get on the big screen. Throughout the course of the game, she did lots of dancing and shaking (and even had the rows in front of us trying to get the cameraman’s attention), but unfortunately it didn’t work. But she sure had some amazing moves!

Lainey asked Mommy to wear matching scarves to church last weekend, and Mommy happily agreed!

We requested that Daddy make us into robots, and he didn’t disappoint!

Lainey and I started AWANA a couple of weeks ago. Lainey is in Sparks now, and here is the verse she had to say to get her book.

I’m finally in Cubbies, and here’s the verse I had to say. I’m hoping to get my vest next week. I’m so happy to finally get to join Lainey on AWANA nights!

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