I’m an Author!

Story told by: Lainey

I’ve made books before, but I was hesitant to put words to my stories because I didn’t know how to spell all of the words. I just decided yesterday, though, that I could write a book by sounding out the words! And I rocked it!

Here is my first official story! (If you look very closely, you can see the words I sounded out.)

“Set Me” by Lainey

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Lainey. He was playful.

Lainey was playful.

But something was not right, so Lainey did punch the monster.

Monster did put Lainey in jail.

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh.

The End

We Love Fall!

Story told by: Henry

We are so excited that fall is here! It means that our fun activities are starting again!

While Lainey is at school, Brody and I get to go to gymnastics!

I’m in PreGym and Brody is in Wiggle Worms (which means Mommy does the class with him).

On this video of his first day, Brody was a little nervous to jump into the foam pit.

He’s gotten much better at it over the past few weeks, though!

Mommy managed to snap a few pictures of me with my classmates.

My favorite part of my class is when we get to do the trampoline!

We love getting Lainey from school.

Lainey started dance class again!

She’s pretty tired after all-day kindergarten, but she perks right up when it comes to dance class time.

Brody threw his shoes out the window in the Starbucks drive-thru, and Mommy didn’t discover it until we got home. Thank goodness the Starbucks’ employees found Brody’s shoes, but in the meantime, Brody had to wear boots until we could pick them up. (And now, just days after recovering his shoes, we’re convinced he threw one of his shoes in the trash, so Mommy had to buy him new shoes today. Stinker.)

Mommy and Daddy got dressed up for a work celebration to honor Daddy working at SEL for ten years!

We’re proud of you for all of your hard work!

Lainey and I got to go to a Cougar football game with Mommy and Daddy last weekend!

Mommy got to see her good high school friend, Hilary. That made Mommy very happy!

Lainey and I did really well during the game. When we started to get wiggly, we got a giant bag of popcorn on which to munch. The Cougs beat the Beavers, and now they’re 3-0! Yes!!

Lainey REALLY wanted to get on the big screen. Throughout the course of the game, she did lots of dancing and shaking (and even had the rows in front of us trying to get the cameraman’s attention), but unfortunately it didn’t work. But she sure had some amazing moves!

Lainey asked Mommy to wear matching scarves to church last weekend, and Mommy happily agreed!

We requested that Daddy make us into robots, and he didn’t disappoint!

Lainey and I started AWANA a couple of weeks ago. Lainey is in Sparks now, and here is the verse she had to say to get her book.

I’m finally in Cubbies, and here’s the verse I had to say. I’m hoping to get my vest next week. I’m so happy to finally get to join Lainey on AWANA nights!

Family, Fair, Football, and Fall Crafts!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had an eventful last few days!

Unfortunately it all started with some heartbreak. But don’t worry, I’ve moved on at this point, and now believe I can still find my true love. Maybe it will happen in first grade.

Na Na and Ba Ba were here last weekend!

They brought us fun toys that we got to work on opening right away.

The boys built a giant train track while Na Na and I got some peaceful girl time.

On Friday morning, I went to school while Na Na and Ba Ba took the boys to Bonkerz for a few hours. This means Mommy was in the house ALONE!! It’s been a very long time since that’s happened. She read her book and drank several cups of HOT coffee. Pure bliss!

Brody and Mommy came to get me from kindergarten, and Brody picked flowers for me on the way. Unfortunately he couldn’t resist blowing the flower pieces off, so by the time he got to school, he had some nice stems to give to me. Gee, you shouldn’t have, Brody.

Mommy’s good friends Christine and Wes were in town for the football game, so we all went to meet them and their son, Lucas, for ice cream on Friday evening.

Mommy tried to get a good picture of the boys, but that proved to be an impossible task.

Lucas is three, so he fit right in with the crazy boys.

Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed catching up with their friends!

On Saturday morning we woke up and went to the Palouse Empire Fair in Colfax!

Feeding balls to a robot.

We watched rodeo horse games and ate cotton candy for quite a long time!

Then after Mommy and Daddy spent approximately $1,000,000 on tickets, it was time for rides!

Brody longingly watched us ride. He couldn’t do this one because the rule was that you couldn’t stand up in the ride. We were pretty sure Brody would try to hurl himself out the door.

Brody got to ride a truck next, though!

He was very serious while riding, but after it was done, he told us how much he loved it!

I was most excited for the merry-go-round, and the boys wanted to join me.

It was the fastest merry-go-round Mommy and Daddy have ever seen. Daddy was quite dizzy when the ride was done, but we loved it!

As we were leaving the fair, we saw my teacher, Mrs. Kinzer, and she asked if we wanted to ride her horse. Ummmm, of course!!!

I really enjoyed it!

Henry’s turn!

Henry loved it as well! Thanks, Mrs. Kinzer!

On Saturday night, we stayed with a babysitter, while the adults all went to the WSU vs. Boise State football game.

The Cougs were down by 21 points in the fourth quarter, and they CAME BACK TO WIN in triple overtime!!

They didn’t leave the stadium until midnight, but it was so worth it!! Such an amazing game!!

Daddy spent a ton of time prepping wood so Mommy could have her friends over for a fun pumpkin craft night last night.

In between waiting for the pumpkins to dry, there were delicious snacks for the women to enjoy.

The finished product!

Nothing like laughing and chatting with your friends all night! Bring on fall!

My First Day of Preschool

Story told by: Henry

Today is the big day! I get to start preschool!!

I was very excited to get to pick out my very own first-day-of-school box of cereal!

Delicious! My favorite surprise was that it turned my milk into chocolate milk!

Next up…pictures! (Many of my pictures are blurry because I won’t. stop. moving. ever.)

I recently decided I want to be a race car driver when I get older. I got in an argument with Lainey the other day over whether I’ll be able to take my children in my race car with me. She insists it’s not safe to have my kids in the car, but I am bound and determined they will ride with me.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. I was really perplexed on how exactly I was going to turn into a turtle, though. That’s when I decided a race car driver might be a little easier to achieve.

I requested a silly picture.

This face right here is a look I have on my face 80% of the time. It’s my “I’m a little bit mischievous and a good amount funny and a whole lot cute” face.

Time to put on my backpack and leave for preschool!

You can see in the background how incredibly smoky it is here today, so we didn’t stay outside for too long.

We’ve arrived!

Brody really wanted to be in the picture, too.

I get to have the same teachers that Lainey had last year, Miss Stahlecker (on the left) and Mrs. O’Loughlin (on the right). I’m so lucky!

We sure appreciate our teachers, so we made sure to have a special gift for them as they work hard to start a new school year.

I gave Mom a big hug, and then barely looked up as I started my entry task. I’m so ready for the day to start!

While I’m in preschool two mornings a week, Mommy only has Brody! ONE KID!! Brody was pretty convinced he was also starting preschool today, but when he found out he wasn’t, Mommy made it a little easier for him to accept by buying him a yummy cookie.

Mommy and Brody got to spend the morning with some sweet friends.

And Brody had fun toys to entertain him.

After a couple of hours, they came to get me! My class is very small, and only has seven kids!

Getting my blessing song from Mrs. O’Loughlin.

Mommy was sure happy to see me!!

I get to have Weston in my class, which is lots of fun!

Mrs. O’Loughlin sent Mommy some pictures of my day. Here I am painting, which was my favorite activity!

Reading “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom,” which is a favorite at our house.

And playing in the sensory table. It doesn’t get much better than trucks and rocks!

After preschool, Mommy surprised me with a yummy ice cream treat. It was a perfect way to celebrate my first day of preschool!

I can’t wait for this year!!