Kindergarten!! Finally!!!

Story told by: Lainey

I have been counting down the days until kindergarten!! I had such a hard time going to sleep last night because of excitement, but when I woke up today….IT’S KINDERGARTEN TIME!!!!

I told Mommy that when I first woke up, the first number on the clock was a “5.” I laid in bed until it turned to a “6,” and then I decided it was okay to come downstairs. I immediately grabbed my own special box of first-day-of-school cereal I had previously picked out.

Mommy also made me eat an egg so I would have some form of protein with breakfast.

This is the outfit I picked out all on my own. The tu-tu was a no brainer, and once the tu-tu was picked out, I knew the tassles on the butterfly matched it perfectly.

Silly face!

I still want to be a sheep farmer when I grow up.

I don’t have all of the details of sheep farming ironed out yet, but I know two things…1) Either my husband is going to have to stay home to watch the kids, or I’m going to need a babysitter for them, because the sheep need my attention all day; and 2) I don’t want poop on the ground, so I’ve informed Daddy that his job will be to walk around to catch the poop in a bowl.

Heading into kindergarten with two missing teeth!

Before we left for school, we read this book.

And I got a picture with the boys. Henry is holding the rocket that I made for him just in case he misses me too much today.

Although I struggled with my backpack choice at first, anyone who knows me shouldn’t be surprised by my final princess backpack decision.

Time to walk to school! Daddy got to go in to work late so he could come with me for my first day.

Each morning I walk to school, one of our favorite neighbors, Kim, gets to help us safely cross the highway.

We’ve arrived!

It’s a K-12 school, so there’s a big age range coming into school.

I got a picture with Mrs. Schlee, who comes to teach us math for the last part of the day. Her daughter, Paige, also gets to be in my class.

Then I got to go into my classroom to give Mrs. Kinzer a big hug and get a picture with her. She’ll teach us until the early afternoon each day.

Mrs. Kinzer took my picture to use for a variety of things around the classroom.

Then I took the boys outside to play with me for a few minutes before school started.

The boys started climbing the play structure.

And I immediately started running around with some girls from my class.

I’m so excited to have Niki and Cece in my class!

This was my final wave to Mom.

And then we lined up with our class, and I walked in without even glancing back. I am so ready for this!

Sometime during the day, Mrs. Kinzer sent the pictures she took at the beginning of the day to Mommy.

And then after the best day ever, Mommy and the boys came back to pick me up. Here I come!

The whole way home I talked about all of the fun things I got to do today (like P.E. and recess), and I told Mommy that I wish I didn’t have to go home because I want to stay at kindergarten all of the time. One of my favorite things of the day was getting to color and draw.

I especially liked drawing this elephant. I told Mommy that “I really loved kindergarten because it was time away from the boys. It was just so peaceful.” And my point was proven as soon as I came home to some loud, whining boys.

I’m looking a little tired tonight, so I’m sure I’ll have an early bedtime. But I can’t wait to get up for another fun day tomorrow!

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