Combines and Wheat

Story told by: Brody

The fantastic Lenssen family offered to have us join them for the last day of harvesting wheat! We happily jumped at the chance!

I’ve been working pretty hard on potty training the last week, so as soon as I arrived, out comes the potty. A man has to do what a man has to do.

Henry was the first one to get to ride in the combine, and he really wanted to go with Grant.

There they go, hand in hand.

While Henry was driving in the combine, we got to play in the truck filled with wheat!

Allison and Lainey had lots of fun together in the wheat!

I wasn’t so sure about it at first, though. I mean, come on. It’s kind of like a sand box, but it’s super high off the ground, it can drive, and it randomly gets filled by a giant combine. It’s a little suspicious.

Here’s Henry! Back from harvesting!

Next up – Lainey and Allison!

Henry got to have a turn in the wheat!

Here come Lainey and Allison!

Filling up the truck with their hard work.

Nora and Lana were there as well, so while they went out in the combine, we continued to explore all parts of the truck.

And I even got brave enough to enjoy playing in the wheat.

Then Mommy and I got to go in the combine! I was super excited about it!

Dwayne was a pretty good combine driver, but if you ask me, he didn’t give me quite as much control of it as I’d hoped.

A family picture on the combine! Thanks to Dwayne for taking us all on rides!

And thanks to Angela for inviting us! We adore your family!

Daddy got to go out on one last ride with Lainey and Henry again. Here they come over the hill.

Once we got home, Mommy and Daddy discovered the stash I’d tried to hide in my diaper. Darn. Oh, well! It was still such a fun morning!

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