August Bucket List

Story told by: Lainey

On August 1st we realized we were in our last month of summer! Wow! We sat down with Mommy to make a bucket list of our top eight things we wanted to do to maximize the fun for our last month.

We just completed our list last night, so here’s pictures from our activities!

1. Ferdinand’s for Ice Cream

Nothing beats this ice cream!

2. Splash Pad/Pool

We got to go to the splash pad with Cleopatra and Anastasia!

3. Family Bike Ride

Daddy carried the boys in the bike carrier. Henry is a champ at riding his bike, but if we ever stop, he has trouble starting again, so we figured we’d get a better ride in this way.

I rode eight miles all by myself!

Water break!

Mommy and I (the “Mommy Team” as I named us) spent most of the time racing the boys.

It was dollar cup night at our local frozen yogurt place, so after our bike ride, Mommy and Daddy let us fill up our cups with frozen yogurt and toppings! AND THEN THEY LET US EAT IT FOR DINNER!!! We couldn’t believe it!

4. Play Date at Kreugel Park

We met several friends at Kreugel Park!

Hazel, Cleopatra, and I all lost our first tooth within a week of each other. (And as I’m typing this, I’ve already lost my second tooth!)

We had a picnic lunch with the crew of friends.

And then I ended our time there by getting stuck in a tree. Oops. I may have been a little overconfident about my climbing abilities.

5. Play Date at Reaney Park

After church one day, we met the Dobbins family at the park. This is the only picture Mommy got because she was too busy talking, but we had a fun picnic and fun play time!

6. Water Balloon Fight

This bucket list item is probably the one for which we were most excited! Mommy ordered these cool balloons that fill up and seal in 60 seconds. Genius!

Then we decided we wanted to surprise Daddy when he got home from work.

Here we are….armed and ready.

We got Daddy pretty soaked!

Mission complete!

7. Moscow Water Park (but ended up being the Clarkston water park)

We were going to do the Moscow water park, but the weather was hotter in Clarkston, so we thought it made better water park weather!

This is my “I’m a shark swimming through the water” face. And if you look closely, you can see my two missing teeth!

And you’ll never believe it!! I was just barely tall enough to ride the big slide! I couldn’t believe it!!

I went all by myself and I LOVED it!

After the slides, we spent the rest of our time in the wave pool. I ended up loving the wave pool even more than the slide!

8. Pizza/Concert in the Park

We met Daddy after work to eat pizza and listen to music in the park!

Mommy was thrilled she didn’t have to cook, and we were thrilled to be eating pizza!

We finished our bucket list! Now there’s only one day until my back-to-school night, six days until my kindergarten assessment, and eight days until my first day of school! Bring on kindergarten!!!

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