The Tooth Fairy Visits My House!

Story told by: Lainey

My two bottom teeth have been wiggly for awhile now! But in the last few days, one of them has gotten especially wiggly.

We tried to get it out with floss tied to a door yesterday, but it didn’t work.

After we got home from the grocery store, I convinced Mommy to give it a try with a rubber band. We hooked it around my tooth, Mommy pulled on it, and out came my tooth!!

I was SO excited I could barely stand it! I had to call Daddy, Na Na, Grandma, Grandpa, and Gma to tell them the big news!

I ran upstairs as soon as the phone calls were done so I could put the tooth in my tooth fairy pillow.

I love that my pillow has a strap I can use to hang it on the corner of my bed. This means the tooth fairy won’t have to disturb me in the middle of the night! I was very excited when I went to bed last night! (I did struggle a little with not being able to suck my thumb, though. Daddy told me that now that I have adult teeth on the way, sucking my thumb at night has to stop so my adult teeth will be healthy. I listened to him, but I had a bit of a rough night with this.)

I was up extra early to check my pillow! The tooth fairy came!!!!

She gave me two very special dollar coins, and the teeniest tiniest note I’ve ever seen. It makes sense that her writing was so small since she’s a tiny fairy.

During breakfast this morning I asked Daddy to help me find some information about the tooth fairy. We looked on the internet and found out that the tooth fairy is from France, and that her name is Angelika Green Leaf. Hopefully Angelika gets to come back soon when I lose my other loose tooth!

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