Our Irregular Regular Weekend

Story told by: Lainey

I wouldn’t normally write a blog about a regular ol’ weekend, but what made it so amazing was that we weren’t traveling for the first time in eight weekends!! It was a regular weekend, which is what made it so irregular!

On Friday afternoon we went with Mommy to meet some friends at the pool.

After playing with them for awhile, we had a picnic in the park. Then Mommy and Daddy had a date night at home with Chinese food and a movie. Perfect!

On Saturday morning Mommy and I got to have a girls’ trip to Spokane for school shopping! We started with drinks from Daily Grind for the trip.

Our first store was Target!

I got goofy when trying on some clothes.

Mommy knows that the best pencils are Ticonderogas.

Red Robin for lunch (mostly because I wanted the free balloon at the end of the meal)!

Then the mall for even more shopping! (I was a little miffed when we also had to get some clothes for the boys, but I guess they deserve clothes as well.)

I got to take a spin on the quarter rides.

Mommy let me pick whatever I wanted for my snack, so this cinnamon roll was an easy choice!

I had never been into Claire’s before, so I was in awe when we walked in.

I got a unicorn wand and a little stuffed unicorn. On our way home, I told Mommy that it was such a special day. (And Mommy may have enjoyed our one-on-one time quite a bit since she’s been a little emotional over me going to kindergarten in just a few weeks.)

While we were having our fun day, the boys were having their own special day. Daddy took the boys out on a bike ride in the morning.

Then they played boxing on the Wii.

The boys went to get pizza for lunch, and then went to watch the Cougar football practice in Lewiston. We’re all getting excited for football season!

Daddy said the boys were content to watch football practice for over an hour, but since it was 100 degrees, they needed a cool treat afterwards.

It was a perfect day for the boys!

On Sunday we went to the park for a picnic after church with the Dobbins family.

On Sunday late afternoon, Mommy and Daddy poured a glass of sangria and let us run around naked.

We were happy, and Mommy and Daddy were happy! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Then we pulled out the sled, and since Mommy and Daddy couldn’t possibly imagine anything going wrong with it, they let us go down the slide.

Daddy made a beautiful beer can chicken for dinner. Such a perfect irregular regular weekend!

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