Billings Trip (Part Two)

Story told by: Lainey

On Wednesday morning, Grandpa got to break free from the hospital! Grandpa thought it was just Grandma picking him up, but we were hiding in the parking lot for a surprise!

Our next stop was to get coffee at Mommy’s most favorite, newly-discovered Montana coffee shop…City Brew Coffee! Their cold brew is awesome, and you get a free refill during the day. Mommy loves nothing more than free coffee!

Even though Grandpa had just gotten out of the hospital an hour before, he wanted to come watch us play at a local park. He sat in the shade and cheered us on!

We went out for a yummy lunch after playing hard at the park.

Brody is such a delightful two-year-old lately that he threw a big fit in the restaurant, so he and Mommy ended up outside while he worked through his issues.

When he calmed down and they rejoined the rest of us, Mommy had a delicious Moscow Mule waiting for her!

Brody has been napping in Grandma and Grandpa’s bed, and he put his arms behind his head every day. So cute!

Watching an afternoon show while Brody naps.

We spent the afternoon at a local splash pad!

It took us a little bit to start enjoying ourselves, but we eventually came around to it.

After dinner we found out a country artist named Stephanie Quayle was singing in the KOA, so we took the sidewalk chalk down to color and listen to her concert!

Our hard work!

On Thursday morning we went to Zoo Montana. Grandpa wasn’t fully recovered, so he rested while we spent some time out in the hot, hot weather.

We got to see a wolverine.

Unfortunately most of the animals were either sleeping or had exhibits under construction.

Sad, sad kids.

But we did perk up when we came to the zoo playground.

We found a scary bear on our way out of the zoo.

While Brody napped that afternoon, we went to the pool.

I made up lots of games to play with Grandma in the pool.

Ice cream after swimming! I could get used to ice cream for a snack every day!

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