Summer Hodgepodge

Story told by: Lainey

Although we’ve been out of town a lot lately, we have managed to sneak some other things into our summer!

Most importantly…WE GOT AIR CONDITIONING! These 90- and 100-degree days don’t phase us anymore. We love it!

Mommy has been enjoying nights on the Foundry patio with sweet friends.

One of Mommy’s best friends (Hilary) from high school came to town, so we got together at the park for a couple of hours.

Hilary has a daughter named Anna, and is pregnant with another baby due in the late fall. We had fun playing with her!

We haven’t had much time to do crafts because we’ve been outside so much, but we did sneak in a patriotic craft.

We left Brody and Kezi with a babysitter while all of us big kids went to see “Cars 3.” We loved it!

Mommy has become a little obsessed with the cold brew coffee at the Co-Op, and since they have egg-free muffins/cookies for Henry, it has become a frequent summer stop.

We did a bike ride/picnic with Nora, Lucy, and Brooke one evening. I’m still working on being confident on my bike, but Nora and Lucy were pretty patient with me.

We’ve been doing lots of park dates. This was a particularly fun day because we had lots of friends!

Brody gets pretty dirty at the park.

Summer also calls for Costco ice cream. Henry doesn’t want to miss a drop.

We had Vacation Bible School (VBS) last week! Hazel and I were in the Entering Kindergarten class.

Walter and Henry were in the Preschool class together. Brody was in the nursery with his buddies.

It was a space theme, which was lots of fun!

Mommy was the M.C., and managed to get Henry and I on stage to help with the prize drawings one mornings. (She may have shown just a wee bit of favoritism in that moment.)

We made cookies to thank all of our VBS teachers for their hard work.


Henry also started t-ball last week, and boy oh boy, this kid was EXCITED!

He’s been asking to play since he was ten months old, and it’s finally his turn!

Even though getting AC in our house is pretty big news, even bigger news is that HENRY IS POTTY TRAINED!! He picked out this dinosaur months ago as a potty training incentive, and it’s been sitting on top of our kitchen cabinet until he’s good to go. And guess what?! He’s good to go! He also got some cool new Ninja Turtle underwear! Good job, Henry!

I’ve been working with Mommy to pick my backpack for kindergarten. I’ve circled the backpacks I would like. (Hey, give me a break. This is a very tough choice!)

Since I couldn’t decide, I made my own backpack.

This should work for kindergarten, right?

We’ve been good siblings by cheering Henry on at his t-ball games.

Turns out that being gone six weekends in a row is Mommy’s limit. She’s exhausted. (In fact, we’re all exhausted.) She couldn’t fathom packing another picnic dinner, so before t-ball on Wednesday, we got pizza!

Henry had his first t-ball game on Wednesday. When Mommy asked him for a picture, Henry said, “Okay, I’ll do my beautiful pose.” Perfect, Henry.

Henry LOVES t-ball. He is smiling almost the entire time!

I have art camp every morning this week, so while driving to art camp one morning, I said to Mommy, “I hope I never get kidnapped by a Spanish person because then I wouldn’t be able to understand them. Hopefully I’m taken by someone who speaks my language.” I know it’s a strange thing to think about, but you must admit that I have a good point.

The boys got to play with Kylee and Evan while I was at art camp.

They also got to hang out at the park with our fantastic babysitter, Taylor, while I was at art camp and Mommy went to massage therapy. Taylor didn’t know that Brody has a bit of a sensitive stomach, so she kept spinning him and spinning him on the merry-go-round. Moments before Mommy arrived, Brody had thrown up everywhere. EV. ERY. WHERE. Mommy took Brody’s clothes off, and then proceeded to wipe down the merry-go-round with his clothes. Taylor felt horrible, but Mommy wasn’t mad. She did have to find clothes for Brody, though, because they had errands to run. (She did consider taking naked Brody into Wal-Mart to get some clothes, but decided that she couldn’t lower herself to that. But they probably would have blended right in.) Fortunately they went to a friend’s house to borrow these clothes, changed in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and continued on their way. Taylor also now knows that kids are gross.

We went to Malachi’s house earlier this week for a fun BBQ and water play. We quickly turned the dirt into mud, and had a grand time with it!

Elijah and Henry were quite the pair.

After dropping me off at art camp yesterday, Mommy and the boys got the oil changed in the car, and then went to the Co-Op with Micah, Riley, Elliot, and Keziah for cookies and coffee (and play time on the nearby playground).

The Davis family is about to head back to California for the school year. We had them over for a BBQ last night. We are sure going to miss them. See you guys next summer!

After the BBQ last night, we had a very cute escapee from the bath tub.

Our garden is starting to go crazy with zucchini!

Daddy dropped me off at art camp this morning, so Mommy and the boys got to work on making double chocolate chip zucchini bread.

They made a batch of regular bread, and a batch of egg-free bread. Yum! Can’t wait to dig in!

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