4th of July, 2017

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a great long weekend for 4th of July! Daddy took yesterday off, so we skipped naps and went to the water park!

Unfortunately, shortly after getting in, some kid pooped in the pool (thank goodness it wasn’t one of us!), so we had to wait for 45 minutes to get back in. Try getting Brody to understand this, especially when he is supposed to be napping at this time.

After a long wait, we were able to get back in. Mommy and Daddy took this picture to commemorate the fact that they were at the park and didn’t have any kids touching them. Not a one. We’re getting independent enough that Mommy and Daddy can stand in the shallow water and simply watch us splash around. They LOVED it!

After a few hours at the park, we got some shaved ice to end the day.

Today we woke up to our traditional 4th of July waffles.

Henry wanted to keep his flag intact, so he just picked it up to eat it whole.

After breakfast we went to Johnson for the parade! Our favorite part of the whole day!

We always get there early to get a good spot, so we brought some games to play while we waited.

Brody’s shirt says “Mr. Independent,” which describes him to a T right now.

Henry demonstrated his “hat stand” to us.

As always, we ran into lots of friends. Our sweet neighbor, Karen, and I couldn’t help but notice each other’s fabulous shoes.

The Grahams found us and got to sit right next to us!

The Evanoffs came in the best 4th of July outfits ever!

Family picture!

And finally it was time for the parade to start! We waited with anticipation for candy to come our way.

Before long, the candy started filling our bags.

Brody is giving a big “Go Cougs” to the Cougar car.

The last entry in the parade was the train, and Brody loved it!

After the parade, we went to our neighbor’s house for a delicious 4th of July BBQ.

Our favorite part was this jeep!

We even took turns giving Eleanor rides.

Henry was a crazy driver, and ended this video by ramming into my car.

We didn’t bring our suits, but instead jumped into the pool fully clothed. After the BBQ, Brody and I walked home soaking wet, while Henry walked home in his underwear. Thank goodness we were only two houses away. Thanks for a good BBQ, TJ and Heather!

For dinner tonight we had American flag pizza!

And red, white, and blue yogurt parfaits.

It was a delicious dinner!

Mommy also made patriotic popcorn!

We enjoyed that popcorn while watching “Pete’s Dragon” tonight. Such a relaxing day enjoying one of our favorite holidays! (We’re hoping Brody is old enough to stay up late for fireworks next year!)

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