The Perfect Long Weekend!

Story told by: Lainey

The warm weather arrived this weekend! And so did Matt and Courtney! They flew in from Denver late on Friday night, so we were thrilled to wake up to them on Saturday morning!

We quickly put them to work with books.

And with dog piling.

After Daddy made a delicious pancake breakfast, we headed to Moscow for the Farmers Market.

Mommy and Courtney’s friend, Anjie, joined us for the morning.

The first booth we always visit is the cookie booth because these cookies are delicious!

The boys had a great ride around the market.

Courtney made sure I wasn’t left out of the fun.

Brody mean muggin’ it with Matt.

After the market we went to Martin’s Smokehouse/Slice and Biscuit. While we waited for the food to arrive, we played in the restaurant’s outdoor playground.

Delicious food!

We hadn’t even realized there was also an ice cream shop in this complex, but after Courtney mentioned it, we just HAD to have some!

After lunch, we skipped nap time and headed to the WSU baseball game.

We spent lots of time running around and playing in the bouncy house, but we would occasionally come back to scarf down some popcorn.

Brody spent LOTS of time searching for Butch. He would find him, give him a high five, and then a hug. Brody has somehow convinced us that Butch isn’t actually that bad.

After the game, we had quick baths, and then a babysitter arrived so the adults could go out to dinner.

The weather was perfect, the food was perfect, the drinks were perfect, and the company was even perfecter. Such a fun night!

On Sunday morning, Matt and Courtney went on a run and met a friend for breakfast while we went to church and met other friends for lunch. The Grunenfelders were also in town this weekend, so we’re grateful that we could see them for a picnic.

There was a birthday party happening, so we sat for quite awhile to watch the party fun.

We got a picture of the entire group of kids. It’s amazing how this crew keeps growing each year!

Mommy with her sweet friends Molly, Chelsea, and Jenny.

Brody got a quick two-minute nap on the way home, and then we were outside again for popsicles and water fights.


Brody isn’t the biggest fan of popsicles (so he got a sucker), but he did want to finish off Courtney’s popsicle

Then the water fights started!

This was moments after Matt dumped a bucket of water on my head.

The sprinkler was a big hit!

Matt and Courtney had to leave on Sunday night, and we are going to miss them SO. DARN. MUCH. We’re trying to convince Matt to move here (Courtney’s already convinced), but until then, we’ll see you on your next visit (or maybe on our next visit to you if we figure out how to stop screaming for an entire road trip).

Matt and Courtney are amazing and bought a bike for Henry! He woke up to this surprise this morning.

He practiced for about 15 minutes…

…and then did this! Amazing!

After riding bikes and having lunch, we headed down to Pioneer Park in Lewiston to cool off in the splash pad.

Mommy and Daddy got to relax in the shade while we ran through the water. A win-win for everyone!

After playing in the water for an hour, we changed clothes and played on the playground for another 30 minutes.

Brody and Henry took some quick naps on the way home (it was day three of skipping naps), Daddy grilled burgers for dinner, and then we were all in bed by 6:45 because we. were. EXHAUSTED. What a perfect weekend!!

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