Friday Funday!

Story told by: Lainey

We had a fantastic Friday! The sun was shining, field trips were happening, and we took a road trip to Spokane while complaining about the distance the. entire. time.

We started off with a preschool field trip to the Community Action Center. We got matching shirts! Since it’s the last field trip I’ll ever have in preschool, Mommy got a babysitter for the boys, and she drove me, Niki, and Cece.

(And before you worry too much about the boys, they were having a blast with Kylee and the babysitter.)

When we arrived at the Community Action Center, we talked about the importance of eating healthy food.

Then we got to sample lots of different vegetables.

Mommy caught Ivy with a mouthful of broccoli in this picture.

Next we got to go check out the center’s compost pile. We got to create a small compost pile of our own to bring back to preschool (and we even got to add real worms to it, but I quickly turned down the chance to pick up the worms).

The center even had cherry trees growing!

Next we got to help in the garden.

Leo and I started by helping clear the garden of weeds.

Next I planted parsley! It was a super fun field trip!

After a quick lunch, we drove up to Spokane to Manito Park. My good friend, Stella, moved to South Carolina a couple of months ago, but is back in Spokane visiting family. We jumped at the chance to see Stella and her family! We arrived at the park before them, though, so we had some time to play.

Henry was often found at the very top of this rope climb.

Meanwhile, Brody did the slides for awhile.

Worked on his modeling poses.

And then took some much-needed rest after such hard work.

After patiently waiting, Stella finally arrived!! I was so happy to see her! She took one look at me and said, “Lainey, you’re so big now. You’ve grown!”

After playing for a bit with Stella and Ben (her little brother), we decided to walk to some of the flower gardens in the park.

Stella and I hung with the boys for a bit, but….

…we eventually snuck away for some girl time.

In the lilac garden, Stella and I decided that we liked the smell of the light purple lilacs the best.

Our favorite part about the Japanese garden was watching the Koi fish.

We got some running in at the rose garden (whose roses hadn’t bloomed yet).

Our two hours with them FLEW by! Before we left, we watched the baby ducks swim around the pond.

One last picture before hitting the road to head home! It was SO much fun to see Stella! I can’t wait until they come to visit again.

Henry (who may have thrown approximately 1,000 temper tantrums in the park) quickly fell asleep on our way home.

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