We See You, Summer!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had some great weather, which is getting us ready for warm summer days!

We’ve been having lots of picnics with friends!

We even broke out the popsicles with Niki, Cece, and Weston!

Brody wasn’t a huge fan of the cold popsicle, so after one lick he threw it on the ground. He was happier with his water.

“Mom. Enough pictures already.”

Brody got some new sidewalk chalk for his birthday, and we’ve been putting it to good use!

I have two weeks of preschool left, and I can’t believe it! I’m going to miss it so much! Fortunately we’ve had some really fun activities planned, so it takes my mind off of being sad it’s almost over. We had firemen bring their fire truck to school last week.

We also had Smokey the Bear come talk to us, so now I have lots of campfire tips for Mommy and Daddy this summer.

I started t-ball this week! I’m playing in the Colton-Uniontown league, so I’m getting to meet some of the friends that will be in kindergarten with me in the fall. (Three year olds still play in Pullman, so Henry will start t-ball there in July.)

There are three coaches who have never coached before, and it’s a little bit like herding cats. They’ve worked on a lot of technique with us, though, so I’m sure we’ll have a successful season!

Warm mornings mean giant cookies from the Co-Op!

And nothing better than the park after consuming those giant cookies!

Brody loves anything to do with hills right now, but since there were no hills at this park, Brody repeatedly did the closest thing to a hill he could find….SLIDES!

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! I also did the monkey bars for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! I started attempting this last summer, but I was pretty nervous. But while I at the park earlier this week, I just did it (because I’M A CHAMP)!!! Can’t wait for more monkey bars this summer!

While I’m at preschool, Mommy and the boys have been enjoying the parks.

As usual, Henry climbs as high as he possibly can.

The boys also went on a walk with Kylee (and their amazing babysitter, Ashley, while the mommies had coffee), and Ashley got a picture for the cover of the next Kidz Bop CD.

We got to meet Evan, Brendan, and Kylee’s new puppy. She’s a bit of a crazy puppy right now, but such a good dog!

We are at the stage of summer where we need daily baths because we are filthy by the end of each day (just as it should be)!

We had our first zucchini noodles (zoodles) of the season last night. I had an extra long one on my plate!

While we won’t eat zucchini when it’s sliced or diced, we gobble it up when it’s in noodle form. Mommy is a tricky one!

The boys came to watch me play t-ball last night, but mostly spent the entire time acting like monkeys on the playground. Loving this warm weather!

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