My Second Birthday Party

Story told by: Brody

I’m almost two years old! I wanted to have my birthday party while Grandma and Grandpa were here, so we celebrated a week early!

I love Mickey Mouse, so Mommy chose that for my birthday theme.

I didn’t love the Mickey ears, though. This was how most of my Mickey ear pictures turned out, but Mommy did manage to catch the few good ones above.

We had lots of decorations to welcome everyone to my clubhouse.

Each of my guests got a set of party ears.

Daddy and Lainey were in charge of the decorating, and they both insisted on the streamers on the fan. I did find it pretty fascinating. When asked if I wanted to come dance with Lainey and Henry for this video, I replied, “No,” and then sat down in a pout. (How dare my mother ask me to do such a thing?)

There was lots of yummy food!

We got a couple of family pictures before the guests arrived.

Mommy tried to get some pictures of me with my siblings, but since I’m gearing up to be a two-year-old, I played the part perfectly.

We got in some coloring before my guests arrived.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

While Grandma was inside helping with decorating, Grandpa was outside manning the BBQ.

I saw my first guest arrive, and I couldn’t wait to greet them!

One of my favorite things to do is watch “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” so once everyone arrived, we watched an episode of that show.

Another one of my favorite things to do is eat, so we went to do that after the show was done.

Next up, presents!

Then my favorite part…cupcakes!!!

And since the weather was beautiful (and Mommy and Daddy may have past experience trying to get crumbly, chocolatey cupcakes out of carpet and couches), we went outside to enjoy the cupcakes.

Sitting with two of my closest buddies, Mac and Kylee.

Oops. Don’t mind me, Kylee. I’m just going to scoop this frosting and cookie up real quick. Good as new.

My family likes to call me the sloth eater. I get the job done, but it takes awhile.

Another thing I love is playing outside, so after cupcakes were done, we had toys set up so my friends and I could enjoy the beautiful weather.

Just swinging while still working on my cupcake.

Another picture where I am perfectly cooperative.

I ended the evening with swinging and sneaking M&Ms off the table. Such a fun party! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with me!

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