The Perfect Long Weekend!

Story told by: Lainey

The warm weather arrived this weekend! And so did Matt and Courtney! They flew in from Denver late on Friday night, so we were thrilled to wake up to them on Saturday morning!

We quickly put them to work with books.

And with dog piling.

After Daddy made a delicious pancake breakfast, we headed to Moscow for the Farmers Market.

Mommy and Courtney’s friend, Anjie, joined us for the morning.

The first booth we always visit is the cookie booth because these cookies are delicious!

The boys had a great ride around the market.

Courtney made sure I wasn’t left out of the fun.

Brody mean muggin’ it with Matt.

After the market we went to Martin’s Smokehouse/Slice and Biscuit. While we waited for the food to arrive, we played in the restaurant’s outdoor playground.

Delicious food!

We hadn’t even realized there was also an ice cream shop in this complex, but after Courtney mentioned it, we just HAD to have some!

After lunch, we skipped nap time and headed to the WSU baseball game.

We spent lots of time running around and playing in the bouncy house, but we would occasionally come back to scarf down some popcorn.

Brody spent LOTS of time searching for Butch. He would find him, give him a high five, and then a hug. Brody has somehow convinced us that Butch isn’t actually that bad.

After the game, we had quick baths, and then a babysitter arrived so the adults could go out to dinner.

The weather was perfect, the food was perfect, the drinks were perfect, and the company was even perfecter. Such a fun night!

On Sunday morning, Matt and Courtney went on a run and met a friend for breakfast while we went to church and met other friends for lunch. The Grunenfelders were also in town this weekend, so we’re grateful that we could see them for a picnic.

There was a birthday party happening, so we sat for quite awhile to watch the party fun.

We got a picture of the entire group of kids. It’s amazing how this crew keeps growing each year!

Mommy with her sweet friends Molly, Chelsea, and Jenny.

Brody got a quick two-minute nap on the way home, and then we were outside again for popsicles and water fights.


Brody isn’t the biggest fan of popsicles (so he got a sucker), but he did want to finish off Courtney’s popsicle

Then the water fights started!

This was moments after Matt dumped a bucket of water on my head.

The sprinkler was a big hit!

Matt and Courtney had to leave on Sunday night, and we are going to miss them SO. DARN. MUCH. We’re trying to convince Matt to move here (Courtney’s already convinced), but until then, we’ll see you on your next visit (or maybe on our next visit to you if we figure out how to stop screaming for an entire road trip).

Matt and Courtney are amazing and bought a bike for Henry! He woke up to this surprise this morning.

He practiced for about 15 minutes…

…and then did this! Amazing!

After riding bikes and having lunch, we headed down to Pioneer Park in Lewiston to cool off in the splash pad.

Mommy and Daddy got to relax in the shade while we ran through the water. A win-win for everyone!

After playing in the water for an hour, we changed clothes and played on the playground for another 30 minutes.

Brody and Henry took some quick naps on the way home (it was day three of skipping naps), Daddy grilled burgers for dinner, and then we were all in bed by 6:45 because we. were. EXHAUSTED. What a perfect weekend!!

Last Day of Preschool!

Story told by: Lainey

After two FANTASTIC years at Concordia Lutheran Preschool, today was my last day!

This picture was taken of my class a few days ago.

We had such a great year together!

Last night I had my preschool graduation. The boys stayed with a babysitter so Mommy and Daddy could focus on my big night!

We got to sing a couple of songs.

We had a great costume for our last song!

After each class sang their songs, it was time for graduation.

Those are my two wonderful teachers, Mrs. O’Loughlin and Miss Stahlecker.

As I stood up front with my teachers, they read the four words they had picked to best describe me. The words were: Leader, Joyful, Gentle, and Dependable.

After graduation was over, we got some pictures.

One of my very sweet babysitters, Ashley, came to support me at my graduation (as well as Evan and Noah because she watches them quite a bit).

After pictures, we went downstairs to enjoy some delicious food!

Me and Ivy

I’m excited for kindergarten! But also very sad to leave my preschool teachers. There were quite a few tears when going to bed last night because I am really going to miss my teachers.

When I woke up this morning I worked hard to pick out the perfect last-day-of-school outfit.

I was especially excited about my black, sparkly boots.

Here is the comparison picture between now and my first day of school for the 2016/2017 school year.

And here’s when I first started at the preschool.

I went to school this morning and we did a little cleaning up of the classroom, and then ended the day with a big camping party! Nora’s daddy offered to watch Henry and Brody (on his day off!) so Mommy could attend the party without having to chase them all around. Thank you, Justin!

Making binoculars.

Photo booth!

Mommy, Kindel (Hazel’s mom), and Whittney (Niki and Cece’s mom) got in on the photo booth fun!

Me and Hazel

Me and Dot

We were missing a few mommies, but this is a picture of some great women!

At the end of each day, our teachers sing us a blessing song. Here I am getting my final blessing song (Mommy may have been quite teary at this moment). I stayed strong through the song, but needed to leave quickly so I wouldn’t start crying again.

On our way out, we got to take a delicious s’more cupcake!

My final preschool picture! We have absolutely loved this preschool, and we’re so glad that Henry and Brody still get to attend in the coming years. Kindergarten, here I come!!

Church Musical – “Let’s Rock”

Story told by: Lainey

We had our church musical today! I’ve been practicing every Sunday after church since February, and the big day is finally here!

We had some wonderful church members create some fantastic props!

The musical is set in a park.

I was the only kid entering kindergarten in the fall (everyone else was already in kindergarten or older), but I didn’t care. I rocked it!

During the musical, Henry got to come watch me perform. Since we’ve been listening to these songs on repeat in the car, he knew most of the songs as well. During the last song, we had a rock concert where the audience got to have glow sticks, and we threw shirts into the audience.

Henry and Mommy caught one of the shirts. This should last him for the next ten years.

At the end of the musical, we had a cookie fellowship time, and got some cool plants to take home. Thank you SO much to our wonderful directors who worked so hard over the past few months. It was a great success!

Friday Funday!

Story told by: Lainey

We had a fantastic Friday! The sun was shining, field trips were happening, and we took a road trip to Spokane while complaining about the distance the. entire. time.

We started off with a preschool field trip to the Community Action Center. We got matching shirts! Since it’s the last field trip I’ll ever have in preschool, Mommy got a babysitter for the boys, and she drove me, Niki, and Cece.

(And before you worry too much about the boys, they were having a blast with Kylee and the babysitter.)

When we arrived at the Community Action Center, we talked about the importance of eating healthy food.

Then we got to sample lots of different vegetables.

Mommy caught Ivy with a mouthful of broccoli in this picture.

Next we got to go check out the center’s compost pile. We got to create a small compost pile of our own to bring back to preschool (and we even got to add real worms to it, but I quickly turned down the chance to pick up the worms).

The center even had cherry trees growing!

Next we got to help in the garden.

Leo and I started by helping clear the garden of weeds.

Next I planted parsley! It was a super fun field trip!

After a quick lunch, we drove up to Spokane to Manito Park. My good friend, Stella, moved to South Carolina a couple of months ago, but is back in Spokane visiting family. We jumped at the chance to see Stella and her family! We arrived at the park before them, though, so we had some time to play.

Henry was often found at the very top of this rope climb.

Meanwhile, Brody did the slides for awhile.

Worked on his modeling poses.

And then took some much-needed rest after such hard work.

After patiently waiting, Stella finally arrived!! I was so happy to see her! She took one look at me and said, “Lainey, you’re so big now. You’ve grown!”

After playing for a bit with Stella and Ben (her little brother), we decided to walk to some of the flower gardens in the park.

Stella and I hung with the boys for a bit, but….

…we eventually snuck away for some girl time.

In the lilac garden, Stella and I decided that we liked the smell of the light purple lilacs the best.

Our favorite part about the Japanese garden was watching the Koi fish.

We got some running in at the rose garden (whose roses hadn’t bloomed yet).

Our two hours with them FLEW by! Before we left, we watched the baby ducks swim around the pond.

One last picture before hitting the road to head home! It was SO much fun to see Stella! I can’t wait until they come to visit again.

Henry (who may have thrown approximately 1,000 temper tantrums in the park) quickly fell asleep on our way home.

Mother’s Day, 2017

Story told by: Mommy

(Hi guys! Lainey, Henry, and Brody have allowed me to be a guest writer for Mother’s Day today. Thanks to my lovely children for giving me this opportunity.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

I requested a slow start to my day, so Kylan got up to make breakfast, while I got to read and have coffee in bed. It lasted for at least a whole ten minutes.

This bug was the first one to come wish me a happy Mother’s Day. Last night when I was putting her to bed, she said, “Mommy, I can’t wait for Mother’s Day tomorrow. I’m going to run and run to give you a great big hug.” And she did exactly that.

Then this guy came in next and asked me to scratch his back. (I tried to convince him to scratch my back since it was Mother’s Day, but he seemed to think that was a little ridiculous.)

Breakfast in bed!

The kids could barely wait for me to finish my eggs because they wanted me to open presents and cards!

Lainey made some very special presents for me at preschool.

I was just telling Lainey how I wanted a new candle, and all the while she told me she was snickering because she knew what was coming.

Giving presents is very important to Lainey (she’s a girl after my own heart), so she went shopping with Kylan last night and spent 30 minutes perusing the store to find the perfect gift. She decided on this ice cream cone necklace, and I love it!

And Kylan got me a new phone. I’ve been needing a new phone, but didn’t want to spend the money, so Kylan just went ahead and did it. I love it! As I was telling Kylan how sneaky he was, Henry said he was “sneaky like a ninja.” I agree completely.

Before heading to church, I got some pictures with these three blessings who make me a mother.

Lainey made this hat at a friend’s party awhile ago, and decided it was the perfect hat for Mother’s Day.

He’s clearly loving all of these kisses.

After church we went to brunch. Nothing beats brunch and mimosas!

Brody was an absolute mess, but as long as he was quietly eating, I let him get as messy as he wanted in order to let me enjoy a peaceful meal.

After brunch, we stopped at home to change our clothes, and then jumped back in the car to drive an hour down to Asotin to explore the petroglyphs at Buffalo Eddy Historical Park.

Brody fell asleep ten minutes before we arrived, so he was really pleased with life in general.

“Mommy, take a picture of me.”

Walking down the trail to the petroglyphs.

Both boys wanted to hold my hands.

And Kylan caught some of the fun realities of hiking with toddlers.

Super easy.

We found our first petroglyph!

Unfortunately most of the other petroglyphs were under water. When we came here last year, we were able to walk all the way out to the rocks in the middle of the river. We had such heavy snowfall over the winter, though, that the rivers are all extremely high right now.

We did get some good rock throwing in.

Brody’s typical “limp noodle” move when he doesn’t want to do something.

But Brody ain’t no match for his daddy.

When throwing things into the water, Brody kept attempting to launch both his object and himself into the water.

Hiking back to the car.

On our way home, we stopped at the post office. I captured the kids’ favorite way to get home from the post office.


The day ended with me not having to make dinner! Kylan grilled up some steak and asparagus. Delicious!

I had a wonderful day, and felt especially extra loved by my family. Hope all of the wonderful mothers in my life had a great day as well (and were surrounded by only minimal temper tantrums and whining)!

We See You, Summer!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had some great weather, which is getting us ready for warm summer days!

We’ve been having lots of picnics with friends!

We even broke out the popsicles with Niki, Cece, and Weston!

Brody wasn’t a huge fan of the cold popsicle, so after one lick he threw it on the ground. He was happier with his water.

“Mom. Enough pictures already.”

Brody got some new sidewalk chalk for his birthday, and we’ve been putting it to good use!

I have two weeks of preschool left, and I can’t believe it! I’m going to miss it so much! Fortunately we’ve had some really fun activities planned, so it takes my mind off of being sad it’s almost over. We had firemen bring their fire truck to school last week.

We also had Smokey the Bear come talk to us, so now I have lots of campfire tips for Mommy and Daddy this summer.

I started t-ball this week! I’m playing in the Colton-Uniontown league, so I’m getting to meet some of the friends that will be in kindergarten with me in the fall. (Three year olds still play in Pullman, so Henry will start t-ball there in July.)

There are three coaches who have never coached before, and it’s a little bit like herding cats. They’ve worked on a lot of technique with us, though, so I’m sure we’ll have a successful season!

Warm mornings mean giant cookies from the Co-Op!

And nothing better than the park after consuming those giant cookies!

Brody loves anything to do with hills right now, but since there were no hills at this park, Brody repeatedly did the closest thing to a hill he could find….SLIDES!

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! I also did the monkey bars for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! I started attempting this last summer, but I was pretty nervous. But while I at the park earlier this week, I just did it (because I’M A CHAMP)!!! Can’t wait for more monkey bars this summer!

While I’m at preschool, Mommy and the boys have been enjoying the parks.

As usual, Henry climbs as high as he possibly can.

The boys also went on a walk with Kylee (and their amazing babysitter, Ashley, while the mommies had coffee), and Ashley got a picture for the cover of the next Kidz Bop CD.

We got to meet Evan, Brendan, and Kylee’s new puppy. She’s a bit of a crazy puppy right now, but such a good dog!

We are at the stage of summer where we need daily baths because we are filthy by the end of each day (just as it should be)!

We had our first zucchini noodles (zoodles) of the season last night. I had an extra long one on my plate!

While we won’t eat zucchini when it’s sliced or diced, we gobble it up when it’s in noodle form. Mommy is a tricky one!

The boys came to watch me play t-ball last night, but mostly spent the entire time acting like monkeys on the playground. Loving this warm weather!