My First Dentist Appointment

Story told by: Brody

I got to go to the dentist for the first time today (and Lainey and Henry had their own appointments as well).

Lainey went back for her cleaning first.

Henry and I hung out and played in the castle while we waited for our turn.

Henry got to go back for his turn next.

And finally it was my turn, but no way I was sitting in that chair without Mommy.

I started by brushing the horse’s teeth.

While I waited for Dr. Fisher to come check my teeth, Mommy and I went to check on Henry and Lainey.

They were doing great! (And Lainey is SO, SO, SO excited to announce that they found a loose tooth! Tooth Fairy, get ready!)

Dr. Fisher came to check on me, and I didn’t love it. Not one bit. But after the trauma, Megan became my new best friend, and I wouldn’t let go of her.

Henry wasn’t scared of Dr. Fisher at all, though!

I spent approximately ten minutes picking out my prize at the end of the visit.

Lainey picked out a horse for her prize.

Healthy teeth and no cavities for all of us! Hopefully I’ll be a little less nervous in October!

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