Grandma and Grandpa are Here!

Story told by: Lainey

We picked Grandma and Grandpa up at the airport last Friday, and boy oh boy, we were excited!!

Henry and I were good helpers with their luggage.

Within 20 minutes of picking them up from the airport, we were eating ice cream. This is what grandmas and grandpas are good for!

When we got home, Grandma pulled out some fun coloring pages for us!

There were cool 3D glasses to go with the coloring pages!

The boys and Grandpa woke up early the next morning. They got some reading in.

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch us play soccer.

I scored four goals!

After soccer, Daddy took the boys home for naps, and I took Grandma, Grandpa, and Mommy to a princess tea.

Mommy did Jasmine hair to go with my Jasmine outfit.

Waiting in line for the tea.

I started at Rapunzel’s table, and we rotated tables throughout the tea.

Eleanor was there!

And I got to meet Miss Idaho!

The princess I was most hoping to meet was Moana, and she was there (although the jury is still out on whether these are actually the real princesses).

After the tea party, we met up with the boys again for Evan and Brendan’s birthday party at a Cougar baseball game. (Brody’s temper tantrum indicates he might not be as excited as us.)

Waiting for the game to start.

The birthday crew! Go Cougs!

I had a blast with Evan.

And, guess what?!?! Brody LOVES Butch. This is unlike any other Robinson kid, and Mommy and Daddy are THRILLED!! He spent the entire game walking around the stadium (with Daddy in tow) looking for Butch.

Every time Butch tried to engage with Brody, though, he got super shy. But he was still good about treating Brody as his little buddy.

And whenever Butch wasn’t watching Brody, Brody was watching Butch out of the corner of his eye.

I found Nora at the game!

We didn’t make it to the end of the game because of bed time, but we enjoyed some Cracker Jacks on the way home.

Daddy had entered a promotional contest, and right before we left we found out that he won! It’s for a free night at the campus hotel and a South Fork gift card. Date night!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday morning, I went to preschool, while Brody went with Mommy and Grandma. Henry and Grandpa had a special date morning. They went to the Co-Op for a treat, to the book store for a new book, to the toy store for some toy cars, to the sidewalks for stomping in puddles, and to the bowling alley for bowling. Henry couldn’t stop smiling. I can’t wait for my special date with Grandpa later this week!

I got to do a fun craft with Grandma that I’ve been saving for months.

And since Grandma’s amazing, she made this beautiful wreath for our front door. Mommy loves it!

Grandma has become a hill for the cars.

On Tuesday morning we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa! We went on a long walk, watched part of a movie, had a picnic lunch, and did some coloring. Mommy got to go get her hair done and go on a lunch date with Daddy. We were all super happy! (And when Mommy got home, she found that Grandpa was doing our laundry and had vacuumed!)

Once Brody went down for a nap, we pulled out a board game. We wrapped up today with Grandma and Grandpa watching me at dance class, dinner, books, and early to bed because we’re tuckered out! Looking forward to a fun rest of the week with Grandma and Grandpa!

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