Easter (Part Two), 2017

Story told by: Lainey

Happy Easter! He is risen! What a great day to celebrate that Jesus is alive!

The Easter Bunny visited us last night!

Brody was so excited about it that he woke up at 4:45 a.m. So Mommy and Daddy let him drink milk and eat cereal while they drank barrels of coffee.

Henry and I woke up closer to 5:30, and we immediately checked out our baskets.

Mommy says that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy must be friends, so the Easter Bunny delivered a special gift for me. Now I just need to wait for a loose tooth!

Henry was very excited to get Everest from Paw Patrol.

We each got kites as well!

Brody was mostly excited about the “tandy” (candy).

G’ma and G’pa sent us each Hopper Balls that we can’t wait to use outside!

Grandma and Grandpa sent us a kite (so many great kites!!) and a new book.

After baskets were opened, Daddy made us some fun bunny pancakes!

They were delicious!

But we didn’t eat very much of the pancakes because we were too full from all of the candy we’d already eaten.

We had lots of time to use our new coloring books this morning.

We eventually got dressed up in our fancy Easter clothes and took some pictures before church!

After a great Easter service at church, our small group met at the Mielke’s house for a big Easter lunch. We were going to do an egg hunt after lunch, so when we arrived, we helped to stuff the eggs.

While waiting for lunch, all of the kids used Daniel as a jungle gym.

There was some amazing food for lunch! And I got to have some amazing company at the kids’ table!

As usual, Brody was the last one at the table. I like to say that he eats like a sloth, but he finishes his food. All of it.

After lunch, the little kids had their egg hunt in the front yard.

Then the big kids (of which I’m a part) had their egg hunt in the backyard. So many great egg hunts this weekend (and so much yummy candy in the eggs)!

After the egg hunt, we changed our clothes and headed to Kamiak Butte for a fun afternoon hike (skipping the boys’ naps because daylight’s a wastin’).

I was a great hiker!

But Henry wasn’t feeling it. At all. He lagged behind, complaining most of the time (partly because it was during nap time). “This hill is ‘normous. I’m too big for it.” His complaining didn’t even make sense.

He took frequent breaks. And he found a stick to “beat all the bugs, and smash them like crazy.”

I found lots of interesting things along the way.

We made it to the top (and surprisingly, the hike up didn’t kill Henry).

I wanted to take a picture of Mommy and Daddy, so here’s my shot.

And Henry wanted to go next. Here’s his shot.

I found this stick at the top and used it as a walking stick on the way back down.

Brody escaped the hiking backpack for the walk back down.

Henry resumed his hiking attitude for the hike down.

It didn’t help that he wouldn’t listen to Mommy and Daddy when they told him not to run. He tripped on one too many rocks.

Brody also didn’t feel like staying on the trail. He does what he wants.

Before we got in the car, I buried our sticks with the hopes that we’ll find them on our next trip to Kamiak Butte.

After baths, dinner, and LOTS of meltdowns, we all fell asleep within seconds. Happy Easter!!

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