Easter (Part One), 2017

Story told by: Henry

It’s Easter weekend! We’ve had a fun couple of days so far!

Lainey’s preschool had their egg hunt yesterday, and they invited younger siblings to join! Brody has been a crazy man lately, so I went to the egg hunt with Mac and his mommy (while Brody stayed locked in his car seat).

We got a group picture after the egg hunt. I can’t wait to have Mrs. O’Loughlin as my teacher in the fall (if I ever get potty trained, which remains to be seen).

After naps yesterday we got to dye eggs with Mommy. Brody and I used whisks to hold our eggs so we didn’t drop them.

I was very proud of this red egg. I let it sit in there for at least five minutes.

Brody was super excited about dying eggs! (But he was super disappointed when we finished and Mommy took his cup away. He threw a fit that involved dumping over one of the cups. Good thing he’s cute.)

Our finished eggs!

Lainey got creative during quiet time and made an egg on paper.

This morning we went to the Easter egg hunt in Pullman. Lainey insisted on standing in line to meet the Easter Bunny, but when I told her I wasn’t so sure about it, she held my hand.

I decided to pass on meeting the Easter Bunny (because he looks SUPER creepy), but Lainey marched right up there like it was no big deal.

The firemen were there handing out hats before the egg hunt started.

Mommy went with me to the three-year-old section of the egg hunt. I was SO excited!!

Waiting patiently (right by Mrs. O’Loughlin’s son, Desmond).

And I’m off!

Within ten seconds, I had disappeared into the swarm of kids, and Mommy couldn’t find me.

Afterwards I appeared with lots of eggs. When it comes to egg hunts, I mean business.

At the same time I was doing my egg hunt, Lainey and Daddy were with Brody in the one-year-old section doing his first ever egg hunt!!

Daddy said that Brody did okay, but didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

After our egg hunts were finished, we walked up the hill for Lainey’s egg hunt (which started ten minutes after our egg hunts). She’s finally arrived….she’s with the big kids!!

There she goes!!

Mommy tried to get a picture with Brody, but as is the case with everything these days, he didn’t feel like cooperating.

Lainey did pretty well with her egg hunt!

After the egg hunts were finished, we took the treats out of the eggs and returned the eggs to be used for next year.

One of our favorite traditions is the annual post-egg-hunt brunch at Mirabel’s house. We were having so much fun eating delicious food and talking to friends that this is the only picture Mommy took. (Lainey with her friends Etta, Mirabel, Ivy, Daisy, and too-cool-for-school Nolan.)

After lots of playing and eating, we had to get our bodies moving for soccer.

One more year until Brody can join me for soccer. Until then, he hangs out with Daddy.

We got to play an actual game today, and Lainey and I were on different teams.

After an afternoon Easter movie (and a nap for Brody), we went on a walk to continue enjoying this great weather. (It’s only 50 degrees, but we haven’t seen the sun in awhile, and it feels great!)

Looking forward to Easter tomorrow!

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