Last Few Days with Grandma and Grandpa

Story told by: Lainey

Unfortunately Grandma and Grandpa had to go home today. It’s always sad to see them go, but we’re grateful for the time we get with them. We had a great last few days with them!

One morning while I was in preschool, Henry took Grandma and Grandpa to the library because he was so excited to show them big boy story time.

As usual, Brody wasn’t interested.

After throwing a temper tantrum and kicking a friend’s baby in the face (Mommy was soooooo proud), Brody was moved to the kid-free toy area.

After I was done with preschool, we went to Old European for lunch.

Henry devoured his blueberry pancakes.

And Brody tried to fit an entire abelskiver in his mouth at once.

That night was Awards Night for AWANA.

In my two years as a Cubbie, I had to memorize 49 verses.

My award! I’m read for Sparks next year (and Henry gets to start as a Cubbie)!!

Of course we had to visit Ferdinand’s for ice cream.

Henry’s doctor has recently said his stomach is improving enough to have dairy, so he loved getting the best ice cream ever!

Grandma woke up too late to grab breakfast, so this ended up being her breakfast. I can’t wait until I’m an adult and can do that!

After we finished our ice cream, we started asking Grandpa to share his ice cream with his. Thank goodness he was feeling generous!

After ice cream, we went to the nursery because Grandma wanted to buy a few flowers to put in Mommy’s pots in front of our house.

Henry and I each picked out some beautiful flowers.

When we got home, Grandma went outside into the cold, windy weather to plant, and we watched from our warm spots inside.

While Grandma was planting flowers, Grandpa and I went on our special date (to which I’d been counting down the days)! I first requested lunch at McDonald’s. After that we walked across the parking lot to the dollar store.

Then I wanted to go to Crimson and Gray.

Then we went to the arcade at the bowling alley.

Then we went to Wal-Mart for a few more toys. Mommy titled this date as the “Grandpa Can’t Say No” date, but I titled it as “The Best Date Ever because I Got So Many Cool Toys” date.

That evening we had to go to Clarkston for a quick Costco trip, so of course we had to go to Fazzari’s for some delicious pizza.

The next morning Grandma and Grandpa took me to preschool, and then took the boys to Bonkerz.

And for the first time since I was ten months old, Mommy was left ALONE!!!!! in the house. She did party prep for Brody’s birthday party (made 48 cupcakes, puppy chow, and frosting), folded several loads of laundry (while watching “Ellen” and drinking coffee), and got some cleaning done. She was giddy over this!

After naps we met Daddy for swimming.

On Saturday morning, Grandpa got up early to go to the local bakery for a delicious breakfast.

Then Grandma and Grandpa went with Mommy to watch Henry at gymnastics.

Mommy introduced Grandma and Grandpa to Dutch Bros (which is where Aunt Elisa works in Phoenix). Delicious!

After soccer and naps, we had Brody’s 2nd birthday party! (Mommy will do another post for that party soon.) As is typical for a two-year-old’s birthday party, it was filled with temper tantrums and a lack of cooperation.

In the post-party chaos, Grandma and Grandpa were super helpful with getting us ready for bed.

Brody’s birthday isn’t for another week, but Grandma and Grandpa wanted to give him his presents while they were still here, so first thing this morning, he opened his presents (with some help from his wonderful siblings).

One final picture with Grandma and Grandpa before we took them to the airport. There were a few tears shed this morning, but we’re very excited to see them for camping this summer! Thank you for a great visit!

My First Dentist Appointment

Story told by: Brody

I got to go to the dentist for the first time today (and Lainey and Henry had their own appointments as well).

Lainey went back for her cleaning first.

Henry and I hung out and played in the castle while we waited for our turn.

Henry got to go back for his turn next.

And finally it was my turn, but no way I was sitting in that chair without Mommy.

I started by brushing the horse’s teeth.

While I waited for Dr. Fisher to come check my teeth, Mommy and I went to check on Henry and Lainey.

They were doing great! (And Lainey is SO, SO, SO excited to announce that they found a loose tooth! Tooth Fairy, get ready!)

Dr. Fisher came to check on me, and I didn’t love it. Not one bit. But after the trauma, Megan became my new best friend, and I wouldn’t let go of her.

Henry wasn’t scared of Dr. Fisher at all, though!

I spent approximately ten minutes picking out my prize at the end of the visit.

Lainey picked out a horse for her prize.

Healthy teeth and no cavities for all of us! Hopefully I’ll be a little less nervous in October!

Grandma and Grandpa are Here!

Story told by: Lainey

We picked Grandma and Grandpa up at the airport last Friday, and boy oh boy, we were excited!!

Henry and I were good helpers with their luggage.

Within 20 minutes of picking them up from the airport, we were eating ice cream. This is what grandmas and grandpas are good for!

When we got home, Grandma pulled out some fun coloring pages for us!

There were cool 3D glasses to go with the coloring pages!

The boys and Grandpa woke up early the next morning. They got some reading in.

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch us play soccer.

I scored four goals!

After soccer, Daddy took the boys home for naps, and I took Grandma, Grandpa, and Mommy to a princess tea.

Mommy did Jasmine hair to go with my Jasmine outfit.

Waiting in line for the tea.

I started at Rapunzel’s table, and we rotated tables throughout the tea.

Eleanor was there!

And I got to meet Miss Idaho!

The princess I was most hoping to meet was Moana, and she was there (although the jury is still out on whether these are actually the real princesses).

After the tea party, we met up with the boys again for Evan and Brendan’s birthday party at a Cougar baseball game. (Brody’s temper tantrum indicates he might not be as excited as us.)

Waiting for the game to start.

The birthday crew! Go Cougs!

I had a blast with Evan.

And, guess what?!?! Brody LOVES Butch. This is unlike any other Robinson kid, and Mommy and Daddy are THRILLED!! He spent the entire game walking around the stadium (with Daddy in tow) looking for Butch.

Every time Butch tried to engage with Brody, though, he got super shy. But he was still good about treating Brody as his little buddy.

And whenever Butch wasn’t watching Brody, Brody was watching Butch out of the corner of his eye.

I found Nora at the game!

We didn’t make it to the end of the game because of bed time, but we enjoyed some Cracker Jacks on the way home.

Daddy had entered a promotional contest, and right before we left we found out that he won! It’s for a free night at the campus hotel and a South Fork gift card. Date night!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday morning, I went to preschool, while Brody went with Mommy and Grandma. Henry and Grandpa had a special date morning. They went to the Co-Op for a treat, to the book store for a new book, to the toy store for some toy cars, to the sidewalks for stomping in puddles, and to the bowling alley for bowling. Henry couldn’t stop smiling. I can’t wait for my special date with Grandpa later this week!

I got to do a fun craft with Grandma that I’ve been saving for months.

And since Grandma’s amazing, she made this beautiful wreath for our front door. Mommy loves it!

Grandma has become a hill for the cars.

On Tuesday morning we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa! We went on a long walk, watched part of a movie, had a picnic lunch, and did some coloring. Mommy got to go get her hair done and go on a lunch date with Daddy. We were all super happy! (And when Mommy got home, she found that Grandpa was doing our laundry and had vacuumed!)

Once Brody went down for a nap, we pulled out a board game. We wrapped up today with Grandma and Grandpa watching me at dance class, dinner, books, and early to bed because we’re tuckered out! Looking forward to a fun rest of the week with Grandma and Grandpa!

Easter (Part Two), 2017

Story told by: Lainey

Happy Easter! He is risen! What a great day to celebrate that Jesus is alive!

The Easter Bunny visited us last night!

Brody was so excited about it that he woke up at 4:45 a.m. So Mommy and Daddy let him drink milk and eat cereal while they drank barrels of coffee.

Henry and I woke up closer to 5:30, and we immediately checked out our baskets.

Mommy says that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy must be friends, so the Easter Bunny delivered a special gift for me. Now I just need to wait for a loose tooth!

Henry was very excited to get Everest from Paw Patrol.

We each got kites as well!

Brody was mostly excited about the “tandy” (candy).

G’ma and G’pa sent us each Hopper Balls that we can’t wait to use outside!

Grandma and Grandpa sent us a kite (so many great kites!!) and a new book.

After baskets were opened, Daddy made us some fun bunny pancakes!

They were delicious!

But we didn’t eat very much of the pancakes because we were too full from all of the candy we’d already eaten.

We had lots of time to use our new coloring books this morning.

We eventually got dressed up in our fancy Easter clothes and took some pictures before church!

After a great Easter service at church, our small group met at the Mielke’s house for a big Easter lunch. We were going to do an egg hunt after lunch, so when we arrived, we helped to stuff the eggs.

While waiting for lunch, all of the kids used Daniel as a jungle gym.

There was some amazing food for lunch! And I got to have some amazing company at the kids’ table!

As usual, Brody was the last one at the table. I like to say that he eats like a sloth, but he finishes his food. All of it.

After lunch, the little kids had their egg hunt in the front yard.

Then the big kids (of which I’m a part) had their egg hunt in the backyard. So many great egg hunts this weekend (and so much yummy candy in the eggs)!

After the egg hunt, we changed our clothes and headed to Kamiak Butte for a fun afternoon hike (skipping the boys’ naps because daylight’s a wastin’).

I was a great hiker!

But Henry wasn’t feeling it. At all. He lagged behind, complaining most of the time (partly because it was during nap time). “This hill is ‘normous. I’m too big for it.” His complaining didn’t even make sense.

He took frequent breaks. And he found a stick to “beat all the bugs, and smash them like crazy.”

I found lots of interesting things along the way.

We made it to the top (and surprisingly, the hike up didn’t kill Henry).

I wanted to take a picture of Mommy and Daddy, so here’s my shot.

And Henry wanted to go next. Here’s his shot.

I found this stick at the top and used it as a walking stick on the way back down.

Brody escaped the hiking backpack for the walk back down.

Henry resumed his hiking attitude for the hike down.

It didn’t help that he wouldn’t listen to Mommy and Daddy when they told him not to run. He tripped on one too many rocks.

Brody also didn’t feel like staying on the trail. He does what he wants.

Before we got in the car, I buried our sticks with the hopes that we’ll find them on our next trip to Kamiak Butte.

After baths, dinner, and LOTS of meltdowns, we all fell asleep within seconds. Happy Easter!!

Easter (Part One), 2017

Story told by: Henry

It’s Easter weekend! We’ve had a fun couple of days so far!

Lainey’s preschool had their egg hunt yesterday, and they invited younger siblings to join! Brody has been a crazy man lately, so I went to the egg hunt with Mac and his mommy (while Brody stayed locked in his car seat).

We got a group picture after the egg hunt. I can’t wait to have Mrs. O’Loughlin as my teacher in the fall (if I ever get potty trained, which remains to be seen).

After naps yesterday we got to dye eggs with Mommy. Brody and I used whisks to hold our eggs so we didn’t drop them.

I was very proud of this red egg. I let it sit in there for at least five minutes.

Brody was super excited about dying eggs! (But he was super disappointed when we finished and Mommy took his cup away. He threw a fit that involved dumping over one of the cups. Good thing he’s cute.)

Our finished eggs!

Lainey got creative during quiet time and made an egg on paper.

This morning we went to the Easter egg hunt in Pullman. Lainey insisted on standing in line to meet the Easter Bunny, but when I told her I wasn’t so sure about it, she held my hand.

I decided to pass on meeting the Easter Bunny (because he looks SUPER creepy), but Lainey marched right up there like it was no big deal.

The firemen were there handing out hats before the egg hunt started.

Mommy went with me to the three-year-old section of the egg hunt. I was SO excited!!

Waiting patiently (right by Mrs. O’Loughlin’s son, Desmond).

And I’m off!

Within ten seconds, I had disappeared into the swarm of kids, and Mommy couldn’t find me.

Afterwards I appeared with lots of eggs. When it comes to egg hunts, I mean business.

At the same time I was doing my egg hunt, Lainey and Daddy were with Brody in the one-year-old section doing his first ever egg hunt!!

Daddy said that Brody did okay, but didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

After our egg hunts were finished, we walked up the hill for Lainey’s egg hunt (which started ten minutes after our egg hunts). She’s finally arrived….she’s with the big kids!!

There she goes!!

Mommy tried to get a picture with Brody, but as is the case with everything these days, he didn’t feel like cooperating.

Lainey did pretty well with her egg hunt!

After the egg hunts were finished, we took the treats out of the eggs and returned the eggs to be used for next year.

One of our favorite traditions is the annual post-egg-hunt brunch at Mirabel’s house. We were having so much fun eating delicious food and talking to friends that this is the only picture Mommy took. (Lainey with her friends Etta, Mirabel, Ivy, Daisy, and too-cool-for-school Nolan.)

After lots of playing and eating, we had to get our bodies moving for soccer.

One more year until Brody can join me for soccer. Until then, he hangs out with Daddy.

We got to play an actual game today, and Lainey and I were on different teams.

After an afternoon Easter movie (and a nap for Brody), we went on a walk to continue enjoying this great weather. (It’s only 50 degrees, but we haven’t seen the sun in awhile, and it feels great!)

Looking forward to Easter tomorrow!

Spring: Soccer, Sunshine, and Sickness

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a bit of a rocky start to spring with some sickness, but our first days of spring involved sunshine and soccer!

While I was at preschool one morning, the boys got to have Mac over to our house to play.

In the afternoon I got out to enjoy a sunny scooter ride.

Mommy was the first one to get sick. It probably has nothing to do with all the slobbery kisses Brody gives her.

Since Mommy was sick, we got to watch a lot of movies. Brody cuddles with Mommy for about five minutes, and then proceeds to destroy the play room for the rest of the movie.

While we were stopping by the store to get some medicine for Mommy, she captured her favorite face that Brody makes right now. He does this when he wants to get a laugh, and it works every time.

Mommy wasn’t 100% better, but she wasn’t going to pass up a date night. We stayed with a babysitter, while Mommy and Daddy went to cheer on the Cougar women in the WNIT tournament. Go Cougs!

The next day we got to have Evan and Kylee come play with us for the afternoon after preschool.

These pillow beds that Grandma made for us for Christmas worked perfectly for an afternoon movie.

I think Kylee enjoyed playing with another girl who loves dolls!

Brody has somehow miraculously been learning his letters.

On Saturday morning we got to start soccer! I’ve been very excited for this, but Henry especially has been counting down to his first day of soccer for the last three months!

Niki and Cece get to do soccer with us as well (and Weston, but we didn’t get a picture with him)!

It was raining on Saturday, so we had to move our soccer location to the gym. It was still a blast, though!

We were some tired kids after lots of running.

After naps, we got outside because the rain stopped!

And I’m starting to improve on riding my big girl bike!

Resting after a big day of fun.

Unfortunately, sickness hit us the next morning. I woke up with a fever on Sunday morning, and everyone else was coughing. After days of missing preschool and a fever, Mommy took us into the doctor. I had pneumonia and an ear infection, and Brody had an ear infection (along with nasty coughs for both boys). Mommy and Daddy were not getting much sleep because we were taking turns getting up all night long. I got a breathing treatment in the doctor’s office, and was also given antibiotics and an inhaler.

I did get my matching American Girl PJs in the mail, so that brought a little smile to my face. (These were a delayed birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa because they were on backorder.)

Mommy has some AMAZING friends who (over the course of several days) brought meals, snacks, and coffee. This allowed her to focus on helping us get better, and not having to put any energy or brain power into making dinner. Thank you everyone!!

We couldn’t get outside because as soon as we did any activity, we were coughing so hard that we would throw up. So Mommy had to keep us relatively still (which was quite the feat with Henry). We decorated our window with some butterflies one morning.

On another morning we made rainbows. I added eyelashes and curly hair to mine.

Henry also wanted to add eyelashes, and then seemed to get a little carried away.

Mommy “helped” Brody with his. (Reality: she did most of it while he screamed at her that he didn’t want purple on the rainbow.)

We also made ladybugs. I carefully followed Mommy’s directions of “paint black spots on your ladybug.”

Henry decided to go with one giant black dot.

And Brody did a little painting while mostly trying to pull off the ladybug’s eyes.

The finished product!

This entertained us for at least 30 minutes.

Building tall castles was another favorite.

On Friday morning, we all went back to the doctor for a checkup. Brody’s ear infection is almost gone, and he now just has a normal cold (as does Henry). My lungs are getting better, but the pneumonia-like sounds aren’t completely gone. The doctor said that my fever is gone and that I’m really improving, but he wanted to put me on a steroid to help me continue to get better.

We went to the pharmacy, but my prescription wasn’t ready yet. We had to wait a bit, so we went to see the bears at WSU. (We also got suckers from the pharmacy worker. We’ve been there so much lately that she knows exactly what kind of suckers we like.)

Brody kept call the bears “puppies.” “Hi, puppies. Hi there, puppies.”

And Henry named one of the bears “Tiny.”

After naps, Mommy (very cautiously and with the threats of being tied to a leash if we ran too much) took us outside! We loved the fresh air!

Henry’s smile. Weirdo.

I drew a road for the cars.

Look at the sunshine!!

No one in this house is going to get better if Brody doesn’t stop waking us up at 4:45 a.m. This happens every. single. day. Fortunately I’m in my own room and able to sleep in, but Mommy was up with both boys bright and early.

But it’s okay because Mommy’s friend, Natalie, had a great suggestion to escape the house and go to coffee. Mommy needed this SO much!

We are taking one more day off from activities, so we missed church and small group today. Instead we decided to do some baking with Mommy.

Mommy had to remind Henry several times to stop licking the outside of the bowl.

And to stop sticking his face in the measuring cups after Mommy measured out ingredients.

We made a “Do Nothing” cake to have at home for dessert, and these Spring Confetti Bars for a get together with friends tomorrow.

After getting outside for a cold, windy walk, followed by baths and dinner, we ended the weekend with snuggles and a movie.

And popcorn topped with marshmallows and M&Ms.

We have gotten healthy enough to be downgraded to minor colds, so we are ready to rejoin the world again tomorrow. THANK GOODNESS!