Ending Winter with a Bang!

Story told by: Henry

Today is the last day of winter! We’re so excited for spring!

I ended up in the ER last week for a big gash on my chin. I wasn’t listening to Daddy (because what does he know?) when he said, “Stop messing around or you’ll hurt yourself” while he was brushing my teeth. I fell off the stool and hit my chin on the corner of the bathroom counter.

Mommy rushed home from Bible study to take me to the ER. Thank goodness for the iPad to keep me entertained because I hadn’t napped all day and we were there until 10:30 p.m. The cut was deep, but due to clean margins, I was able to get it glued shut. Hopefully I don’t have to go back to the ER for awhile. (For everyone who knows me, they know it’s a miracle it took me three years to land in the ER.)

Here I am the next day modeling Daddy’s glasses, and showing off part of the scar on my chin.

The snow is almost completely gone, so we endure the chilly temperatures and wind to get out to stomp in puddles.

When we do find snow, we make sure to stop to enjoy it.

And smash it on the ground.

We went to see Pullman High School’s performance of “Cinderella.” Lainey dressed up in her princess dress, and not to be outdone, I chose my super hero costume.

After the show was over, Lainey got a picture with Cinderella.

And then we got to ride in the pumpkin!! So cool! (Since I don’t understand what it means to move slowly and carefully, I almost broke the pumpkin two times. They obviously didn’t understand that I’m a super hero and they had nothing to worry about.)

Hazel was there as well, so she got a pumpkin ride with us. (It helps when your daddy is close friends with the director of the musical.)

Mommy had a fun night out with friends celebrating Alissa (in the plaid shirt) and baby boy number three. We can’t wait to meet him!

Lainey has been working on riding her bike with Daddy. She gets frustrated pretty quickly because she wants to be perfect at it NOW, so this will be a good lesson in perseverance.

We have lots of super heroes in our house at all times.

Up, up, and away!

Mommy’s turned 32 last week, so some friends organized a kid-free coffee the morning of her birthday. We had fun playing with the babysitter, and the mommies enjoyed hot coffee, as well as finishing their thoughts and conversations.

Before picking up the kids, the mommies received a frantic text from Alissa (who had gone home ahead of them) about mutilated salamanders in her driveway (probably dropped by a bird). They went to help her out because nobody wanted a very pregnant Alissa cleaning them up, and somehow Mommy volunteered to clean them up ON HER BIRTHDAY. Mommy’s happy face does not do justice to how horrible this was. But, she got it done (with Jamie holding the trash bag in which to deposit the body parts), and it will be a great birthday story to share some day.

We’ve had some very rainy days lately, so we get creative with ways to get out our energy.

We do lots of dancing. And spinning. And I don’t care who I take out in the process.

Mommy registered Lainey for kindergarten last week. Lainey is very excited (and “just a tiny bit nervous”).

Oliver and Otis (and their mommy, Darcee) were in Spokane with their daddy for a work conference, so they came down to Pullman to visit us for the day. We went to the science center, ate lunch at Cougar Country, and played at our house for awhile. We LOVED seeing them!

Mommy and Lainey took a trip up to Spokane for the day yesterday. They went shopping, ate at Red Robin, and went to a tea party at Stella’s house before they move to South Carolina next week.

And today, Mirabel had her birthday party to see the new “Beauty and the Beast.” Lainey and Ivy were all smiles at the end of the movie!

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