I’m Five Years Old!

Story told by: Lainey

I’m FINALLY five years old! I’ve been waiting for this day because now (according to myself) I’m officially a big girl!

When I woke up, I found a note waiting for me. (Notice that I’m already dressed. It’s because I picked out the perfect birthday outfit last night and had it waiting for me this morning.)

It was the start of a scavenger hunt! The first note took me to the potty (where I could also conveniently go to the bathroom).

I got to follow lots more clues around the house.

And then I was taken to my BIG gift!!

A BIG GIRL BIKE!!!! I have been asking Mommy for a big girl bike for the past couple of months, and I love it!! This bike was from G’ma, G’pa, Mommy, and Daddy….a group effort! And it has everything I wanted…a basket, a bell, and handle streamers. So perfect!

Since it’s snowing outside, I spent a few minutes (with Daddy’s help) riding it around the house.

I can’t wait to get outside and learn how to use a bike with pedals!

After getting ready, we took one last picture before heading out to celebrate my birthday at preschool.

We stopped at the store to pick up doughnuts for my class. (I was given the choice between cupcakes and doughnuts, and doughnuts were the clear winner.)

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and I blew out my candle before the song was even finished (sometimes you just get so excited you can’t control it).

The boys got to stay to eat a treat. (Hoping they would blend in, Mommy tried to leave them there after the treat, but the preschool teachers caught her just in time. Darn it.)

My favorite event at preschool (and the one I’ve been talking about forever) is picking a prize out of the birthday box. I chose a pink Care Bear!

Mommy and the boys left, but Mrs. O’Loughlin got a few more pictures of my morning. In this picture I have a lady bug crawling on my arm.

We got to release our lady bugs and then observe what they did. So fun!

After preschool we got to meet Daddy at South Fork for lunch!

I chose burgers and fries for lunch. Yum!

Since I was the birthday girl, I got a free dessert, so I chose the giant brownie and ice cream. Yummmmmm!

I couldn’t eat all of it, but I did my best to put a dent in it (and then Daddy took over for the rest).

After getting home, Mommy and I had a special movie date on the couch to watch “Moana.”

Then it was time for presents!!

Mommy and Daddy gave me some new outfits for dance. Grandma and Grandpa gave me a PJ set for my American Girl Wellie Wishers doll. The matching pair of PJs for me is on back order, but they should arrive in a couple of weeks!

Grandma and Grandpa also gave me some new dolls for my doll house, as well as a playground set to sit near the doll house. Henry and I had a blast with them!

I requested pizza for dinner, so Mommy made it happen!

For my cake, I requested a lemon blueberry cake with pink cream cheese frosting.

Making my wish…

…and blowing out the candles.

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

To end the night, I went to AWANA and had fun running around with my friends. Such a great birthday! Can’t wait to see what being a big five-year-old brings this year!

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