Preschool Art Show, 2017

Story told by: Lainey

Tonight was my preschool art show where I got to show my family some of the amazing art I’ve made this year!

I wore one of my nicest dresses so I looked like a professional artist.

I walked around with Mommy and Daddy to show them my work.

Mommy’s favorite thing about this picture are the giant belly buttons.

When Mommy asked how I chose the titles for my pictures, I told her that those were just some of my favorite names. Obviously.

This one was my favorite!

Henry kept asking when it would be his turn to do the art show. Next year, buddy!

After showing off my art, we sat down for a snack.

Mrs. O’Loughlin came over to talk to us for awhile. I adore her!

Henry also requested a picture with Mrs. O’Loughlin. We just found out that Henry will get a spot in the Tuesday/Thursday class in the fall with Mrs. O’Loughlin, and HE CAN’T WAIT!!

After a snack, we had some craft time.


Such a fun night! I love this preschool!!

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