I’m Three!!

Story told by: Henry

I’m a big three-year old today (although sometimes I think I’m turning four or five…it’s still a little confusing)!

I started out the day with Daddy making me Paw Patrol pancakes!


After breakfast I got to go to gymnastics (my favorite thing ever!!)!!

To get ready for my Paw Patrol birthday party in the afternoon, Daddy and I stopped after gymnastics to get my balloons filled up with helium. I love Paw Patrol, and I love birthdays!

Next it was time to open presents! I was so excited!

I got Rocky from Paw Patrol!

And some great shirts from G’ma and G’pa (my favorite of the shirts was Superman).

A fun movie from Grandma and Grandpa.

A book from Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jaron.

And Paw Patrol Skye from Lainey. (This gift was all her idea, and she was SO excited for me to open it.)

The grand finale was a scooter from G’ma and G’pa! I LOVE it! Now Lainey and I don’t have to fight over the princess scooter anymore (which seemed to make Mommy extremely happy since she’s been getting a crazed look in her eyes from our fighting)!

I got some great puzzles from NaNa and BaBa, so we got to work right away on the construction puzzle.


So excited to have these Paw Patrol characters to complete my collection!

Another big hit from Mommy and Daddy was this drawing board. Our last one broke (when I jumped on it, and punctured a hole in it…oops), so I was thrilled to have a new one.

After a mandatory nap (which I didn’t appreciate very much on my birthday), it was time to head back to gymnastics for my birthday party with my friends. That’s right, gymnastics TWICE in a day sounds like the perfect birthday to me! G’ma and G’pa gave me the perfect Paw Patrol shirt to wear for my party!

We started with some quick instruction from the coaches.

Then we went down to the gym floor for some fun. Mommy and Daddy came with us since I’m the birthday boy, but the other parents got to relax while we played.

We had lots of obstacle courses to complete.

Brody went rogue and did his own thing for most of the party.

Brody did occasionally join in on the organized fun.

My favorite part was the foam pit. I was so excited to show my friends!

So many kids piled into the pit!

We ended our day with the parachute. Such a blast!

Happy Birthday to me!

After our time down on the gym floor, we went upstairs to have cupcakes and open presents! Mommy made special Paw Patrol cupcakes.

She also made me gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free Paw Patrol cupcakes.

My friends all sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

After cupcakes, I got to open some fantastic presents!

The whole crew of friends who came to my party. Thank you guys for coming! I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

My amazing ninja bandanna from Palouse Empire Gymnastics!

For the past couple of days I’ve been wavering back and forth between Southfork or McDonald’s for my birthday dinner. I eventually chose Southfork, but when we arrived, the wait was 45 minutes, so I decided that McDonald’s would be a better choice.

After we arrived at home, Mommy pulled out a very exciting Rubble (also from Paw Patrol) cake! “Mommy, Mommy! It’s dirt. Just like dirt!”

I got a little close while blowing out the candles, and may have slightly burned the end of my nose.

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying a delicious piece of cake.

What a perfect third birthday! I told Mommy and Daddy “thank you” many, many times today. I was smiling all day long because I had fun all day long. Can’t wait for all of the great things that come with being a three-year-old!

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