Valentine’s Day, 2017

Story told by: Lainey

In this house, we LOVE Valentine’s Day! Such a fun day to show our family and friends that we love them!

We came up with another fun heart hairstyle for the day.

I also picked out another heart shirt and heart leggings for the day. I chose Henry’s outfit as well. (I chose his outfit after being outraged when Daddy sent Brody downstairs with NO RED/PINK/PURPLE on, so I marched right upstairs to make sure the same didn’t happen for Henry.)

We started our day by having friends from church over for yummy treats and to exchange Valentines.

Mommy made Lover Muddy Buddies.

She also made chocolate-dipped pretzels. We had strawberry applesauce as well.

Enjoying our Valentine’s Day treats!

Once our friends arrived, we decorated bags to hold our Valentines.

We took breaks from decorating to eat the yummy snacks.

Unfortunately our friend, Connor, was sick, so Henry spent lots of time making him a bag so we can bring him his treats later this week.

Our finished product.

That’s a lot of beautiful bags!

After the bags were finished, we lined them up around the table so we could start delivering Valentines.

These were the Valentines I gave to our friends.

Henry gave these to our friends.

He even wrote the “H” on most of his Valentines.

And Brody gave these applesauce Valentines.

The moms had to get involved to help with the chaos.

After playing for awhile, it was time for our friends to leave. We got a group shot of the whole crew (18 in total)! Thanks for coming over for such a fun morning!

We headed out to deliver a Valentine to our neighbor, and in the process, spent time climbing the dwindling snow piles and enjoying the beautiful weather!

We also delivered a Valentine to Debbie!

And to our delight, Debbie had already put Valentine’s Day cookies in our mailbox. She’s the best!

After our deliveries, we came home to check out the fun Valentines our friends put in our bags. There were some delicious treats in there!

After naps and quiet time, I had dance class. Miss Brooke had some fun Valentine’s Day socks for us. Thanks, Miss Brooke!

While I was at dance, Mommy and the boys came home to work on our special Valentine’s dinner. While Mommy was making dinner, Brody secretly shoved candy in his mouth chipmunk style, but once it proved to be too much, he spit the candy out onto the floor. Cool, Brody.

Mommy had a beautiful table waiting for us when Daddy and I got home!

Our traditional heart-shaped meatloaf.

Pink mashed potatoes and a Shirley Temple completed our delicious meal.

Ready to eat!

After dinner, we opened our presents. We started with our gift bags from Grandma and Grandpa. My favorite thing was the tissue package. “My very own Kleenex!!!”

Brody liked his puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa.

And Henry liked his candy. (This kid was a candy monster tonight, sneaking candy whenever Mommy and Daddy looked away.)

I sure love my mommy (and she sure loves me)!

I opened a present from Mommy and Daddy, and it was the “Moana” soundtrack!

And I FINALLY got my black boots!!!!!!! After my other ones broke in November, I was convinced I was resigned to a bleak life without black boots. However, Mommy came through! With black SPARKLY boots nonetheless!

Mommy gave Daddy a mug with a quote from the other great love in his life, Jocko Willink.

After presents were done, it was time for dessert. Mommy made chocolate-covered strawberries last night.

So. Much. Sugar. Today.

The strawberries were delicious!

Brody savored his strawberry.

And covered himself in chocolate. Which seems like a perfect way to end a great Valentine’s Day. As I was going to bed, I told Mommy that this “was the BEST Valentine’s Day ever, and my boots are so perfect, and I can’t believe I have them now.” Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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