Staying Busy (and trying to stave off cabin fever) in January

Story told by: Lainey

The snow and cold weather is STILL here. We’re itching to go on a walk without slipping on ice, but until that day comes, we’re doing our best to stay busy.

As Brody is getting a little older, he’s becoming more of a co-conspirator with Henry.

But I still try to get in the mix every once in awhile.

On a recent grocery shopping trip, Mommy bribed us with candy from the bulk bins if we were good for the entire trip. It was a win-win situation for everyone!

I have been doing extra chores all month long to have enough money to buy this pack of markers, and I finally did it! This was such a proud day for me!

This is even a picture I drew of myself handing my money to the cashier (with a thought bubble going up to God thanking him for the chance to buy these markers).

On Fridays, Henry’s gymnastics place has open gym, so while I’m in preschool, it’s been a great way for the boys to get some energy out.

Unfortunately the stomach bug went through our house in the past couple of weeks. It hit Brody first, and then five days later it took me and Henry down. After we recovered, we liked playing “Going to the Hospital for a Throw Up Party” (notice the vomit bowls for our animals).

We do lots of coloring for Daddy. One night we decided to send him on a treasure hunt to find the pictures we colored for him. This was the clue taped to the door when he got home from work.

After six clues, he ended at his treasure!

Mommy and I got to go on a date to Moscow last weekend. In the midst of shopping, we took a break for coffee for Mommy and a giant chocolate muffin for me.

We spent a lot of time talking about how excited I am (and a teeny bit nervous) for kindergarten in the fall.

The last stop of our date was at at the book store to read some fun books together.

Mommy and Daddy introduced us to the Wii for the first time. We had a blast with the boxing. It was fun to get to punch each other without getting in trouble!

After days of being stuck in the house because of the stomach bug, we were really going stir crazy, so Mommy made a laser maze for us.

This lasted for about 25 minutes of fun, and then another 20 minutes of tearing down the lasers and running around with them.

Once we were recovered from the stomach bug, we went to Costco to stock up on some necessities. Our favorite part of Costco is the hot dog lunch we get when we’re finished!

Mommy and the boys have been going to the science center some mornings while I’m at preschool.

The dinosaur lentil pit is easily their favorite part of the science center.

We got to have camping day at preschool last week! We wore our PJs and slippers. My teacher got some great pictures of the day.

Roasting marshmallows for s’mores!

A delicious s’more snack!

We made lanterns to use in the dark.

This was such a fun day. I declared that it was my favorite day of the entire school year so far!

Henry’s love for Brody can be quite intense at times. Brody is starting to stick up for himself, which is helping things a little.

Henry was moved up to the next level of gymnastics. He’s a little too young for it, but since he’s such a monkey, they said he’s ready for the next class. He was so proud of himself to get to be down there without Mommy or Daddy. Good job, Henry!

Mommy and Daddy surprised us with a trip to get ice cream after church on Sunday. Delicious!

After dropping me off at preschool yesterday, Henry asked Mommy, “Can we leave her there forever?” Turns out he might not appreciate my bossiness as much as he should.

Brody has been doing lots of singing lately, but won’t do it if Mommy tries to take a video. She was able to secretly get a little video of Brody singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Enjoy!

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