Top Ten of 2016

We had a wonderful 2016! Here are some of our favorite moments….

10. We went on a family adventure to check out the petroglyphs in Clarkston. It was a fun day filled with no timeline and great weather!

9. We have had nothing but snow, snow, and more snow lately! We love our time sledding together.

8. We enjoy taking hikes together, and as the kids are getting older, it’s getting easier to do that. We loved hiking at Klemgard last summer!

7. We hosted Home Group Olympics for our church with three other home groups. It was filled with ridiculous, zany events!

Lainey web-3

6. Lainey had her dance recital in June. She continues to love dance, and practices at every moment she can.

5. Henry started gymnastics, which allows him to climb, jump, and dive to his heart’s desire.

Brody web-58

4. Brody turned one! As much as we enjoy the baby years, we’re all able to breathe a bit easier now that we don’t have a newborn in the house.

3. Mommy and Daddy went WITHOUT KIDS to a wedding in Cancun. Amazing!

2. We went camping in Oregon with Grandma and Grandpa.

1. We went camping at Ocean Shores with the entire Robinson clan.


We had a wonderful year, and we look forward to what 2017 has in store for us!

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