Christmas, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!! It’s finally here!

Once we woke up, we had to wait for the other adults to rouse themselves from their slumber, so we snacked on cereal and listened to Daddy read the story of Jesus’ birth. What a perfect way to start Christmas!

It was getting very close to time to head downstairs to see the presents. I put on my fanciest shoes for the occasion.

The traditional “kids on the stairs” picture.

The tree filled with presents for fourteen people. Beautiful!

We started by playing with our one unopened present from Santa. The big guy didn’t disappoint! He got the doll I requested in the catalog!!

I’m so excited! Her name was “Willa” in the catalog, but I’ve decided to name her “Frosty.”

Brody got an awesome doctor kit!

Henry got a tool bench!

This present was a huge hit with all three of us!

Next we opened our stockings!

My stocking was filled with crayons, new underwear, candy, and hair bows.

Henry’s stocking was filled with crayons, candy, new underwear (for potty training in January), and Paw Patrol slippers.

He put those slippers on right away!

Brody got some cool new band-aids in his stocking.

And Mommy got an awesome dish towel in her stocking.

The Elf watched over our stocking opening in his new PJs.

Then it was time to start opening presents! The kids went first.

Even though the kids were in the midst of opening presents, I couldn’t wait any longer for Grandpa to open my present to him. Grandpa LOVES “The Little Drummer Boy,” so I insisted that I pick out a CD for him with that song on it. He loved it!

Brody wasn’t big on opening presents this year, but he did open a couple of them (and then Henry and I finished opening the rest for him).

Henry got tons of Paw Patrol stuff this year!

Brody loves to pretend to vacuum with Mommy, so now he has a vacuum to match Mommy’s vacuum.

Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Jeff, and Uncle Jar Jar! When there are this many people opening presents, sometimes you have to take breaks for food and to stretch your legs.

PJs all day on Christmas. Perfect!

Tickles with Grandma.

Mommy opened this purse from Daddy, and she was a little speechless because….well, ummmm… has quite a unique look to it.

Fortunately Daddy had this note hidden in the purse. He’s sure a joker (and a sweetheart).

Daddy got an Amazon Echo! This guy loves a new gadget to play with.

Many, many, many cookies were consumed throughout the day.

Silly pictures with Mommy while the adults continue opening presents.

I also insisted that Daddy desperately needed new slippers, so Mommy and I went searching for a nice pair for him. He was thrilled with these!

After presents were done, we spent the rest of the day playing, eating, and sleeping. The best!!!

Both of these costumes were presents for Henry, but I managed to slip into the Spiderman costume.

We spent the afternoon watching “Beauty and the Beast.”

Gma found a really cool puzzle with some big pieces for kids, and small pieces for adults. So we worked on putting the big kid pieces together.

Mommy got the Lolz Game, and it was HILARIOUS! The adults had so much fun playing this!

After the kids went to bed (without much of a fight because we were exhausted), some of the adults went out to the hot tub. It felt wonderful!

Mommy, Gma, Grandma, Brittany, and Aunt Lori worked for the rest of the night on finishing this Christmas puzzle.

Gpa and Grandma serenaded everyone while working on the puzzle. A perfect way to end Christmas!

We had to leave Quincy the next day to drive back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Uncle Jeff had to fly back to Phoenix today as well, so we made sure to get extra time in with him.

I spent time coloring with Gma.

After Gpa spent all morning outside taking us on a tractor ride, flying a kite with us, and going on a nature treasure hunt, he spent time reading with us. He’s a great Gpa!

Thanks to Gma and Gpa for hosting this crazy crew! We love you very much, and had such a wonderful Christmas at your house!

One Reply to “Christmas, 2016”

  1. Wish I had enjoyed this before I called my brother Dennis for his birthday! What an awesome and special Christmas! I so love these Lainey, Henry, Brody stories!!!
    And to hear my brother play the guitar once again…remembering the sing–alongs around the fires…Uke…guitar and the singing in college…fond memories! I have the record he made with his group and his solo…Scotch and Soda. Had he shared that?


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