A Night on the Polar Express, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

It’s time for our Polar Express night! We’ve been counting down to this night all week!


Elf surprised us this morning by building a train track.


And in his hands were our Polar Express train tickets.

We had a yummy Polar Express dinner of a hot dog train, train tracks (celery), snowmen (cheese sticks), and snowballs (doughnut holes).

The snowballs were my favorite!

After dinner we changed into our PJs and made sure to have our tickets in hand.

We headed downstairs to have Conductor Daddy punch our tickets.

Daddy did an “L” on my ticket.

We’re ready for the show to start!

We were all glued to the movie.

We each hung onto our tickets for most of the movie. No one wants to get kicked off the train!

When the waiters came out on the movie, we paused it to run upstairs to get hot chocolate.

We also got some delicious M&Ms. Brody was captivated by the train!

But occasionally stopped to give Mommy a “Are you done taking pictures yet?” look.

It was a great night on the Polar Express. We love this tradition!

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