It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Story told by: Lainey

We love this time of year!

The snow is falling, and more is on the way! We got out early one morning to “help” Daddy with shoveling. Someone’s gotta keep the sidewalks clear.

Henry loves eating the snow. LOVES it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s white snow or brown snow. It goes in his mouth. Gross. (Don’t worry. Mommy is working on handling this.)

Since the weather is so cold, we’re needing to get creative with how we entertain ourselves. Brody does so by emptying out every cabinet.

Mommy does so by drinking coffee and reading a book while we nap.

The other day Henry called Mommy over to see his line of cars. He said, “Mommy, look! The cars are lined up to get the coffees. They’re all getting ‘mericanos.” Mommy just might have a coffee problem.

Mommy had to take a quick trip for a funeral last weekend. While it was a sad weekend, she was very blessed to get to see some good friends, Alison and Christine, from college.

She also got to see Sarah for an early breakfast before she drove home. Sarah is due with a baby boy in January! These friends sure made Mommy smile.

Once Mommy got home from her trip, she surprised us all with chocolates. The kids got chocolate-covered marshmallows!

They were delicious!

I got to go to a Christmas craft party with a bunch of my friends. It was great! (Unfortunately Mommy missed the PJ memo. Oops.)

Here’s a fun snow picture Mrs. O’Loughlin took of Ivy and I at preschool. There wasn’t much snow, so as soon as it started snowing, we quickly ran outside to catch whatever snowflakes we could.

I made this ornament at preschool. After putting the colors in, I told Mrs. O’Loughlin that it looked like Coug colors, and that I wanted to write “Go Cougs” on it. Mommy and Daddy have never been more proud.

We went to see Santa Claus a few nights ago. After dance class, we went to McDonald’s for a quick dinner, and then we headed to see Santa!

I really want this American Girl doll, so I brought the magazine to show Santa to make sure he is very clear on the specific doll I’m requesting.

Showing Santa the picture. I think he paid very close attention.

And then Henry had a turn to tell Santa about the Paw Patrol toys he would like.

And then for the first time ever, we got all three of us happily sitting with Santa! It’s a true Christmas miracle!

We’ve been enjoying lots of Christmas crafts! We made these cute snowman last week.

We really enjoyed making this Santa and reindeer picture!

Brody ran out of patience for another handprint craft, so just Henry and I made these Rudolph pictures.

Brody did give us cute grins, though!

Last night we went to the live drive-through nativity at Living Faith Fellowship. Henry got to help Daddy drive the car, and he loved it!

Brody and I sat on Mommy’s lap.

Brody had never been in the front of the car, so he was mostly focused on the lights and gadgets. He didn’t really understand what was happening.

It was 15 degrees last night, so these people were such troopers!

At the end of our journey to Bethlehem, we found baby Jesus!

Henry is often Mommy’s shopping helper while I’m in preschool.

They stocked up on his allergy-free food while I was at preschool this morning!

As soon as we got home from preschool, we delayed nap time and went out to play in the snow!

Henry loved diving face first into the snow.

Brody spent a lot of time helping Mommy shovel.

And he also spent time playing peek-a-boo with Mommy.

After getting tired of shoveling, Brody set off into the winter wonderland all on his own.

See you later, Brody! Come back when you get too cold.

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